Which games console should you buy this Christmas? Xbox, Wii or even a PS3?

Gerald Lynch of Techdigest writes: "It was all about the Wii twelve months ago, but who should get your cash this yuletide season?

Recent figures published by appear to reveal that this year's most sought after games console is the Xbox 360, outselling its nearest rival the PS3 by a ratio of 3:1.

But which machine really deserves to be crowned king of the console wars this Christmas; Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 or Nintendo's Wii?

To decide which console is worthy of your cash, we'll be looking at seven key areas that need to be of the highest quality in order to warrant your attention: Games, Exclusive Titles, Media Options, Online."

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reintype4870d ago

The one that does EVERYTHING! For only $299.

YungXclusive2K94869d ago

They lost all credibility here
"There is a fair bit of cross over between both gaming catalogues, with massive titles such as Assassins Creed 2, the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum all available on both machines."

cereal_killa4869d ago

L4D2 is only on the 360 but I get what your saying it's all a preference in what you like to play I have both but my PS3 is getting more play because there's nothing on the 360 that interests me until 2010 when SC and Alan wake releases.

Saaking4869d ago

PS3, unless you're a moron.

Aquarius4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Its obvious the PS3 is going to sell more this christmas as advertisements are everywhere, the console looks much more like a games console now and the Wii fad has already died down quite a margin. You don't hear the masses talk about the Wii anymore. 90% of people know about it now. Was even watching this documentary on Tv and a disabled person was playing with a Wii. Didn't show it on the camera but saw him swinging his hand and I thought "oh". Xbox 360? LMAO.

EDIT: I hope SONY starts doing custom paint-jobs for the PS3 soon :)

-Alpha4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Wow, talk about being an elitist.

People have the choice to choose between the 360 and PS3. Both are great consoles that have their ups and downs. No need to call someone a moron for wanting something you don't like. It's called an opinion, don't act like yours is the only one that counts SaaKing.


Again, stop asserting your opinion as better than others. Has it ever occurred to you that people have different tastes?

Sure PS3 is great but there's no need to act as if it's the ONLY thing.

Venomish4869d ago

PS3 is the way to go. unless you are a halo fanboy.
you can try to "politically correct" and say oh xbox has this and that, ps3 has this and that it is all a matter of opinion blah blah blah. but we all know ps3 is the thing.

KiRBY30004869d ago

That's good that he is an elitist because the question asked here is basically "what is the BEST system to buy?"

now that is an elitist question dont you think? i know because, I am an elitist too. That's why I have a PS3 and that's why I recommend people to buy one. I want the best, not the cheapest, not the trendiest, the BEST. ELITISM.

(the insult was unnecessary tho)

-Alpha4869d ago

Where does it say BEST system?

Judging from the title, it's asking what system you should buy.

The question itself is problematic since all fanboys are going to go with whatever console they already own.

Aquarius4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

What proper games are there to buy for Xbox 360 this christmas?

Why should I consider buying a 360 when it has: RROD, E-74, disc-scratching, noisy DVD drive and its other errors that happens regularly, out-of-the-box? That's not really a nice present to put under the tree is it now?

PS3 is better value. The price difference is not that big and that's not even taking into account paying for Wi-Fi and XBL and a game.

EDIT: Lord. What if I were to buy HALO ODST and it never worked in my 360? I will feel ripped off, just like any other normal human being.
The GTA Craze has died down, that's not a reason to buy a 360 for.
Err, I don't need to write essays. I think I've expressed myself enough ( you mentioned two games ) maybe someoneelse can comment on what we said. I need bubbles, not enough time to edit :)

-Alpha4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Those are good reasons not to buy a 360. The question is which console should people buy. In other words, your supposed to post positives for all consoles but I get that people are very militant towards other consoles other than the one they show an allegiance to.

Again, just because YOU don't want a 360 doesn't mean other people don't.

As for exclusives:

-Episodes from Liberty City (not an expansion pack since you dont need the original GTA IV)
-Forza 3 (best racing sim this year)
-Halo ODST (If you are going to rag on the short single player I can pull out games like Heavenly Sword that don't even have a multiplayer meaning that the lasting appeal to ODST is just fine)

Even if you try to wriggle out of the exclusives I listed it's still evident that there are exclusives that exist. It's funny that you asked what "PROPER" games exist, meaning you try to set yourself up to start bashing at games like ODST.

Sure, it's not the greatest year but neither was the PS3's the first year yet fanboys still pointed out great games.

Again, this is the fanboy cycle. When their console is doing bad, they will defend it against people who attack it. But when the other console is doing bad they turn into the attackers. It's hypocrisy

Edit: Um... huh? I answered your question but your response back makes no sense -_-


Your right, but they have a pretty good 2010 coming up. 09 hasn't been the best year but they have 3 great exclusives.

Edit 2: I knew you would start damage controlling. Your claim that GTA is dying down is false. One simply needs to look at the sales to see that EFLC is selling great. I listed 3 exclusives, all of which are reasons to own a 360. If you can't handle the fact that people have a different opinion then that's too bad.

Trebius4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

If you're strapped and need to go cheap...360 is the way to go.

If you want to get something for someone that you care about, PS3 is the best choice. There's no way to be disappointed in that christmas gift.


lol...uhm...the PS3 on its first year didnt have many games that's true...

But 360 is about to be on its 4th...

Whats their excuse...?

sikbeta4869d ago

I think the edge goes for PS3, every family can enjoy the PS3 not for being the "HARDCORE GAMER FAMILY", just because the PS3 deliver much more than GAMES and have an excellent price point for what they'll get

KiRBY30004869d ago

and shouldnt you (me, him, us, everybody) buy the best one??

nice spin on GTA episodes and ODST btw. comparing it with the 2 years old Heavenly Sword when Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls and Ratchet & Clank have released a month ago.

the only true 360 exclusive this year is Forza 3. get over it.

software or hardware, PS3 is the best value. merry christmas.

mikeslemonade4869d ago

PS3 should have won in the features catagory too. Many critics don't know 75% of the features the PS3 does. Such as [email protected] and Linux.

masterofpwnage4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

well for me its like this
japan- ps3 because ff13
europe- ps3
usa- will be a tie with all console but i think wii will win just a little bit
worlwide- ps3 or wii not the 360 because imean come on this is there worst year ever and while this is the best for the ps3

well thats my opinion anyone agree

ultimolu4869d ago

The Wii for me hopefully. I can't resist that new Super Mario game. I already own a PS3, har har. Just need a bigger harddrive.

SeNiLe9114869d ago

then the console with the best community and most AAA games is the way to go.

Or get all three like me!!!

hay4869d ago

@Alpha-Male22: I'm a bit late to the party but I think if Saaking prefers PS3 in his opinion, he can also have an opinion that everyone who thinks differently are a morons. This isn't a fact but still his opinion to which he's entitled to.
He's fanboy a lot though... But hey, there's a fanboy inside all of us.

IMO PS3 is a way to go. Since it's more affordable now and have emerged from elitist circles, with established lineup of great games and being really good movie player, you can't go wrong here. Unless!
You have one and want Xbox360, Wii, PSP or Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube-man for that matter. No probs here.

jhooty144869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

looks at the first comments disagree to agree ratio .. you know when a site is filled with ps3 fanboys when..... lol ya i agreed on it too though hahahaha

badz1494869d ago

shouldn't it be "what you should (ask people buy for) you buy this Christmas?"

lightningsax4869d ago

@AlphaMale - Just wanted to let you know that you said "People have the choice to choose." I'm just sayin'.

The analysis was pretty good, even though L4D2 isn't on the PS3.

starcb264869d ago

the wii smells like pee

xTruthx4869d ago

Y do some people keep saying PS3 didn't have4 good games its first year? Because I would like to tell those people to name good games the 360 had its first year.

N4g_null4868d ago

It would be so sad to miss out on the best Mario game of all time, it's like all of the rolled up into one. I don't know if you want to really get your family into gaming get nmbwii and throw your rivals In the pit! It great fun plus if some one says your gay or your cheating you can punch them square in the mouth how is that for online experience! Ahhh no mics to hide behind. Plus to there is only one console that supports all gamers except the pc like games.

I mean if you want feature go and buy blue Ray player stand along the ps3s are still slower and it's $58 dollars today! Yet if you actualy like console games get a console if you like pc games then get a pc.

Hey why argue about these things it comes down to what you want and what you think fun is. When I want to Bragg about hardware I tell people about my workstations lol. I'd rather have fun would you?

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callahan094869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

"or even a PS3?"

What kind of phrasing is that?

The article also says that Left 4 Dead 2 is available on both platforms (meaning 360 and PS3), which is obviously inaccurate.

Kind of a weird article, all in all. Not sure I really learned anything from it and in fact I learned some untrue things from it.

sikbeta4869d ago

As I said, this writers are getting EVEN WORSE!!!

colonel1794869d ago

it's a tech site that doesn't know about tech...i guess... especially videogames

coolcole934869d ago

Are you 6, 13 or mature?

If 6, get a Wii. If 13, get a 360. If mature, get a PS3. If too mature(75+), also get a wii.

kneon4869d ago

keep all those 13 year old foul mouthed morons on live, we don't need them on PSN :)

-Alpha4869d ago

The funny thin with 13 yr olds is that some of them are more mature than the "older" guys that play on PSN (Lol yeah right).

Immature players exist in all ages, so your completely wrong to say that all the 13 yr olds are on LIVE.

Besides PS3 gamers dont even all have mics so clearly people who buy them do it because they likely enjoy communication.

See? it's not that hard to think before you generalize ;)

Trebius4869d ago

Is that all you can say? :P

You fail for not being able to add anything of substance to the thread...

sikbeta4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Is a good point, but you can't deny bad mouthing babies on Live, youtube is Witness of that, they are SO dumb to upload their bad behavior as if its something coolz

Me and my BRO used to watch those videos and start lol all day not because of the video, we laugh at those poor kids, is just sad but funny in some kind of twisted way lol

just look at this, is a little resume of what I'm talking about, I don't want to browse in youtube now, don't bother all the Valve talking and skip to 12:22

sagapo4869d ago

yeah, starting adult conversation here is basicly pointless.
I don't have a problem with someone else's opinion, but saying stuff like "... buy a ps3 or you're a moron" is beyond childish and the biggest fanboytalk off all.

To be honest, a PS3 is on my "to buy" list. I have a Xbox360, Wii, DS, an oldskool Sega Genesis en a mid/high end PC.
I'm no fanboy whatsoever, but crap talk around here from some (and always the same ones) piss me off!!

Trebius4869d ago

A lot of the people on this site dont really understand the meaning of OPINION...

Im pretty loyal to my PS3 because my ps1 and ps2 never failed me...they STILL work to this day...

I had no respect for M$ before the Xbox, and now i've lost even more AFTER...

Thats just my personal opinion...

sagapo4869d ago

I forgot to mention I own a PS2 as well :)

StarCSR4869d ago

Or are you 30 like me? Then just buy 'em all:
The Wii for multiplayer fun with friends : Mario Kart, Sports (Resort), New Super Mario bros Wii
The 360 for the normal hardcore gaming: multiplatform titles and soms great exclusives
The PS3 for BD and for some of their exclusives that are unmissable like LBP, Uncharted, MGS and soon God Of War & Heavy Rain.

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1233604869d ago

i would go for the ps3 on value,reliability,looks. online its on a par with live here in the uk with out the fee.on exclusives in terms of games ps3 is the winner on the graphical point,quality and quantity point no question there this year going into next year as well.that said 360 has got some good games coming but i fear these may be timed exclusives mass effect,splinter cell may jump ship just depends on your taste. but reliabilty and no bluray or wifi out the box for the 360 puts the ps3 way in front in terms of spec.wi not even on my radar

yoghurt4869d ago

I bought a PS3 at launch, I have to say though, knowing everything i know now and seeing all the games for the 360 - i'd still by a PS3