PSLS Giveaway: 50 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Codes

Playstation LifeStyle Writes:

"Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and what better way to celebrate other than having a giveaway to say "Thanks" to our loyal readers? If you weren't lucky enough to snag a beta code in our last giveaway, PlayStation LifeStyle is giving you yet another chance… Actually, make that 50 more chances…

We've got a total of 50 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta codes to give away to our readers. This time around because we have so many codes, we are giving you 2 different ways to win."

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Sev3251d ago

Thanks to everyone on N4G who has supported PSLS in the past.

Sev3251d ago

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo!

Most stylin' profilin' wrestler to ever grace the ring.

doctorstrange3251d ago

The BF:BC2 beta is brilliant

wolfehound223251d ago

I absolutely love the beta for those of you not in it your missing out on a lot of fun.

user94220773251d ago

Good way to get the beta, just comment and get one, awesome

T3mpr1x3251d ago

Gah I've been in the beta since it started on the 19th, but have yet to actually play the damn thing!!! Been too busy...Hopefully I can start playing this weekend.

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The story is too old to be commented.