Starcraft 2 beta keys for all Blizzcon visitors?

Details are surfacing about the fun and games that is Blizzcon 2007. Today, Blizzard announced some of the swag that you can expect when you attend this August.

First up, is the revelation that every attendee will receive a beta key to "an upcoming Blizzard game."

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MeKilljoy4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

With the many that get there hands on this beta key I truly envy you. But I was thinking what other possibilities could this "upcoming Blizzard game" be?

The first on all of our minds is of course Starcraft 2, but there are also traces of other blizzard games also on the return. Need I remind you of the Bestbuy pre-release ordering option for "Starcraft: Ghost"? -Search for Starcraft Ghost here
Currently only 2 platforms available xbox and gamecube, which is a bit misleading in of it's self. Why not Xbox 360 or the Wii? Odd as it is I wonder what Bestbuy was thinking when they put this back up?

Now with that said Blizzard has already announced that they are in production of 3 major titles. With Blizzcon soon around the corner, and the two above as possibilities the third option is still skewed in debate. A Diablo 3? or Diablo MMO??
You can take a look at the rumor's that have been spreading on this 3rd title here: - 'Diablo 3 coming in 2007'

Anyone's guess is as good as mine. Though with Blizzard pushing major development like this I'm just glad to see new content after so many hours logged into 'World of Warcraft' it's a good change.

id dot entity4740d ago

Well I would love this promotion... If I would go to the Blizzcon. And since I'm not, and also haven't received a beta key yet, I don't see why other people should get it.