PixelJunk Shooter Aiming for Release Date

PlayStation LifeStyle writes

"Gamers all over the internet have been anxiously waiting for one of the most anticipated PSN games this holiday season, PixelJunk Shooter. So far we have not even seen a hint towards a possible release date until now."

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doctorstrange3302d ago

This game can't come out soon enough - WANT

Sev3302d ago

One of the best games I played at E3. I really love the Pixeljunk series.

Automat3302d ago

Been waiting a long time for this. had to buy Gravity Crash while I wait. Kinda weird releasing two that similar games this close to each other..

wolfehound223302d ago

Can not wait to play this game.

dopeboimagic923302d ago

Got a lot of good press at E3. Can't wait!

T3mpr1x3302d ago

Hope there's a demo! Like I care, I'm going to buy anything Q-Games comes out with at this point!