OXM UK: Modern Warfare 3: What's Next?

OXM UK writes: "So after all the waiting, anticipation and build-up, Modern Warfare 2 has finally been released.

Some of you will have poured most of your time into multiplayer, others will have already cracked open the achievement for clocking the campaign on Veteran.

But what we're betting most of you haven't yet done is thought ahead. How can Infinity Ward go one better next time? What will the inevitable Modern Warfare 3 bring to the table?"

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HDgamer3247d ago

What's next, a shorter campaign lasting 2 hours on veteran and a multiplayer that hasn't changed since the first 2 games with the hype of calling it the best multiplayer to date but it still can't grasp the benevolence of killzone 2 single player and multiplayer.

SoapShoes3247d ago

I can only hope they use a new engine and change it up or else they'll have a series that slowly withers and dies like Guitar Hero is now.

ZBlacktt3247d ago

What's next? Something that can look and play as good as BFBC2 I'd think. Have you played it? The Demo is just kick ass and the full version will just own in online warfare. Just great graphic's, epic sounds and way more feature's.

glennc3247d ago

MW3 will be more like BC2 than MW2. they can't keep the charade up people are noticing BC is better than MW. the next one will have damage and vehicles