Poor production to plague the PS3/Bluray?

Apparently the PS3 Cell processor is so big and complicated, they're having a hard time making enough to satisfy the demand. An IBM Semiconductor VP says they're "lucky to get 10 or 20 percent" out of a chip like the Cell. The other 80-90 percent aren't fit to be used in PS3s, meaning they either get used in another application or thrown away if they can't be.

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achira6528d ago

boring posting, you should do other things. we know you hate sony, so stop this bs.

DG6528d ago (Edited 6528d ago )

Cough Cough...Bull$#!T.

Let the flaming begin.


Slicer6266528d ago

i so agree with you, the playstation 3 is so close to being in the shops i can almost smell the Bull$#!T from xbox 360 owners the bottom line is there $#!T scared that they have wasted there money on a xbox 360 so there trying to tell us that the ps3 has loads of problems to make themselfs feel better

sparco6528d ago

How can you say this is bs??!! It's right there in front of you. Why can't you just get out of your fu**in sony arses and realise the truth. Im not trying to say leave Sony, come to Microsoft, I'm just saying simply realise that Sony are digging themselves into one huge hole! I own a 360 and will definately be getting a Wii, im considering getting a ps3, but from news liek this + the cost of the ps3, im starting to have second thoughts. So i might just stick to MS and Nintendo for now. Please Sony fanboys, just realise what sony are actually doing here. As brilliant as they are, they are taking a HUGE risk.


what is with the photo? it looks like the PS3 is crushing him?

and if this is all accurate, then sony is really, REALLY screwed.

Droidbro6528d ago

Dont listen to those f4gs. Can sony ever dig its self out of that big ps3 shaped coffin its now in. Im gonna have to stick w/ my 360, although that piece of crap gave me the red ring of death the other day and now i have to send it in for repairs. At $130 for repairs the total price for the console still falls below that of a ps3. not to mention it kicks ass (when its working atleast. for now its just an expensive paperwieght) because live is finally getting some new stuff to download after weeks of nothing. Cant wait to get it back home!!1

AuburnTiger6528d ago

how did you have the 360 before the red ring thing happened? Did you get it in Nov when it first came out?

Droidbro6528d ago

i bought it on launch day. pretty much its been sitting on my dvr on the carpet since i bought it with the power brick tucked away behind the tv with all my other cables. i know i could have taken better care of it but the point is if someone buys a $400 video game console, it should be able sit in front of the tv and be fine for at least 5-6 years just like any other piece of home entertainment equipment. not just less than 8 months. thats bull crap!

AuburnTiger6528d ago

If you don't mind me asking, what did the repair center say might be problem?

HyperBear6528d ago

I thought just them announcing the price at $659 and delaying it from Spring to Nov. 17 was bad, over the past month, all Ive heard about it is bad news. Production of cells is poor, blu-ray diodes are runnning out, it may be delayed longer, new hardware maybe put into it. LIKE C"MON ON SONY, didnt you guys ever think this through before you started deciding on what hardware is going into the PS3. I say, scrap the Blu-Ray, video games dont even need that much storage, and im not sure video games are looking forward to blu-lasers scracthing up discs. And maybe scrap a few SPE's, instead of 7, go down to like 4 SPE's (3 for the heavy lifting, 1 for the system), that way there the cell processors will all be fully functional, instead of having like 1 out of every 4 made fully functional. Oh, and maybe start to actually test the systems out, cause it would be kind of stupid going into TGS or launch, without testing your systems, turn them on, and they dont work, or either work for a few seconds, and then the cell burns out automatically. SONY, im fine with the price n all cause yea, after seeing all the stuff going into the PS3, it is like buying a pc's worth of hardware, but if you dont start cleaning up the bad and bringing the good, not only will you fail, but no one would want something that could break down with them in like an hour. Youve got a lot of thinking to do now Sony, but heres a hint, put all the blu-ray and 7xSPE's and Cell processor and all that stuff in the box, try it out, and if it doesnt work, then you know all those years of thinking, well not that much thinking, are worthless and a failure because you didnt really discuss the possible outcomes of hardware not functioning properly, and that can be the death of you. For now, Im still buying one thats if, the system launches on exactly Nov. 17 and that they have tested it out and it works to the fulliest of its capabilities. (srry for the long post) lol