Whole Lotta Discounted Love for the Early Birds

From Xbox LifeStyle:

"Gettin' your shop on a little early this year? Want to get a wee bit of a head start on those insane Black Friday store goers? Amazon to the rescue! Three whole pages worth of Xbox 360 deals…just waiting to be plucked from the interwebs and placed into your home!"

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Sev3342d ago

Those are some great deals! Just bought Left 4 Dead 2!

Bnet3433342d ago

Deals looks good, but I'm poor. :(

adam21883342d ago

you can get left 4 dead 2 for 34.99 at best buy

VanHalen3342d ago

just picked up assassins creed 2 today at frys for $49.99. i think today was the last day though. what a great frikin game, its so much better than the first one. all those side quests and everything got so damn repetetive. this is the way it should have been made. very good game!

3339d ago