This Week in PlayStation Home: New Red Bull Space + Event, Fight Night Producer Chat & More

Locust_Star on US Playstation.Blog writes:

"Mark your calendars – this Thursday, November 26th, the next phase of the wildly popular Red Bull Island will be released in PlayStation Home. To complement the existing Red Bull Air Race World Championship mini-game, Red Bull will unleash two brand new spaces that will appeal to sports fans and beach bunnies alike. The first, an exhibition of action and adventure sports photographs from Red Bull Illume.

The winning photograph from each of the competition's ten categories is displayed on large illuminate cubes, imitating the real-life exhibit. The second is a Red Bull Flugtag mini-game where users can compete against one another by launching one of five wild flying machines off of a 30-foot high deck in hopes of achieving flight. Think: The Wright Brothers… or that time you and your genius buddies decided to pile into your wagon and take a ride off the roof."

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Dutch Boogie3250d ago

Um why is a ps3 related article in the 360 section. We know the 360 desperately needs some good news but this won't cut the bill.

Sangria3250d ago

Because Fight Night Round 4 is also available on Xbox 360, and I needed to add the Xbox 360 channel in order to add Fight Night Round 4 in related games.