Ruffian: 360 controller 'a big reason' for sticking with Microsoft

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games has said that its relationship with Microsoft and the Xbox 360 controller "is a big reason for sticking with the 360", but that it doesn't think of itself "as exclusively 360 for the rest of time".

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FishCake9T43254d ago

I dont know what Sony were thinking with there PS3 controller design.

TOO PAWNED3254d ago

Are you serious? It's same controller for 15 years, maybe you are 15 yr yourself and can't remember, kid.
Same controller that set standards and was regarded as best controller until this gen, then for what ever reason people began hyping 360 controller.
Of course it isn't literally the same as PS1 controller, it is same core design, i have been gaming on it since PS1 days, i don't want it changed.

rucky3254d ago

While the 360 controller does have a good design, it has never made me pick which console is better because of it. All these people whining about the PS3 controller's design most likely just began gaming this gen.

Like I said I like the feel of the 360 controller but I can switch to a PS3 controller just as easy.

Guido3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Is an idiot. Each console has different controllers and you simply get used to it. I have had a PS controller since the PSone and with each console have seen the addition of new buttons and sticks but each one felt the same in terms quality and control. The 360 controller is nice but it is simply another controller and nothing to pick a console over another for.

As for FishCake9T4, I am going to guess he was born in 1994... Call it a hunch but... just sayin'.

littletad3253d ago

They should not have installed the trigger like r2 l2 buttons. Why waste a good thing? Either way, I think the Ms controller is one of the best out there.

D4RkNIKON3253d ago

I do enjoy the feel of the 360 controller, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with the PS controller. And if the controller is the only reason you would chose a console, I feel sorry for you first off and second there are adapters to make them compatable with either console.

Saaking3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

The face buttons are stiff and too plastic (they suck). The D-Pad SUCKS. The bumpers are terrible and the analogs ain't that great either. The only thing the 360 has over the DS3 is the triggers, but that's about it.

There's a reason that Sony has stuck with the same design for nearly 15 years.

If you think the 360 controller is somehow better than this is probably your first or second gen of gaming. Oh, and unless you have abnormally huge bear hands, the DS3's size is good enough for most.

Nuclearwinter3253d ago

I can't stand the the position of the left thumb stick on the 360. It's too high, makes my thumb cramp up at the joint after a while.

morganfell3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I can conduct repetitive actions far faster with the PS3 controller. Although the triggers on the DS3 and the 360 have the same travel length, on all the other buttons the travel length on the PS3 controller is shorter and therefore faster. And the Dpad on the DS3 actually works.

NegativeCreepWA3253d ago

When it comes to FPSs and racing games I prefer the 360 controller, I prefer PS controller for games that focus on the d-pad and face buttons like fighting games.

Insomnia_843253d ago

Go find a third party controller for PC and tell me what shape it has...oh like the DualShock you said? wonder why.
Nothing feels more natural than a PS3 controller and that's why most if not all companies follow the same design.

ThatCanadianGuy3253d ago

I disagree.In my opinion, what the hell was microsoft thinking!?

Seriously, battery packs? LOL! That alone makes me like the PS controller better.

iamtehpwn3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )


- Wireless isn't standard
- Rechargable batteries aren't standard
- For Wireless controllers, must buy adapter to work with PC.
- Lack of Bluetooth (unlike SIXAXIS/DS3 which have bluetooth drivers), again if you want use with PC, buy the adapter.
- D-pad is extremely poor
- Controller is awkwardly big, with battery pack sticking out in the back
- The Controllers, oddly, break very easily.
- Designed perfectly for FPS, but feels awkward for action games.

(And I personally get RB/LB and RT/LT confused because of the naming. R1 and R2 etc make more sense, But that's a personally pref. )

ItOnlyDoesYLOD3253d ago

yeah i find 360 controller more comfortable

Elwenil3253d ago

Honestly, the Xbox controller and the price of Live are the main reasons I won't buy an Xbox. I simply cannot get comfortable with the offset analog sticks, the odd size and shape and the sensitivity seems a little off compared to what I am used to, but that may just be personal preference. I do like the triggers on the Xbox controllers better, but I have no doubt that Sony will correct the triggers with the PS4 since that seems to be the only real complaint. Until then there are those little trigger add-ons but I haven't bothered with them yet.

table3253d ago

more importantly, can you guys believe that a developer of all people used this as a reason to be exclusive to a console. It's so subjective it's not even funny what he said. A lot of people out there still prefer the playstation controller design.

jwatt3253d ago

I have no problems switching between both controllers but I have to say the 360 controller does feel more comfortable in my hands plus the positioning of the analog sticks make it great for fps. When I think of games like Devil may cry, God of war or any fighting game the DS3 is the way to go because it's more ideal for button mashing or just hitting the face buttons period. Both controllers have their pros and cons it's just the 360 is more comfortable.

NecrumSlavery3253d ago

I think the PS3 controller is better..but...

The PS3 main triggers are R1 & L1
and R2 & L2 as secondary

so when idiot devs map the PS3 like the 360 controller ( how brutal legend is ), it fvcks up everything. Thank god all PS3 call of duties got it right. The trigger/bumpers are backwards from how the PS3 controller is. I think Bioshock had this issue too. PS3 shoots with top trigger, 360 shoots with bottom trigger.
I don't want Real Triggers, just want devs to get it right the first time.

Rainstorm813253d ago

The 360 face buttons feel toy like in comparison and the Dpad is horrendous and awkwardly placed other than that i have no problem with the 360 controller.

The sixaxis broke so easily ive gone through 3 sixaxis controllers, but the DS3 is perfect other than the R2/L2 shouldve been concave instead of rounded your finger can slip off the the buttons, the triggers are better.

On a side note why is it that 360 exclusive devs tend to have foot in mouth disease

Risky_243253d ago

Wireless isn't standard? Not everyone wants wireless and it gives consumers more choices. You don't have to worry about batteries dying with a wired controller.
Rechargeable batteries are perfect the way they are, "REPLACEABLE." Although I do believe they should be included with every wireless controller and not have to be bought separately.
You need a receiver for either wireless controller if you want to use it wirelessly with the pc. Wired controller work flawlessly
No bluetooth??? You kidding? What else can you use the bluetooth on the controller for? Look at it this way, the PS3 is limited to 7 wireless devices connected at one time. Remote, headsets etc. Think about it and you will see the disadvantage to this.
I don't know where you got your info about the controller breaking easily as I don't know of any cases claiming such.
The rest of your points are down to personal preference and I won't argue with that except that the 360's D-Pad really is sh!t.
I own all 3 consoles.

IdleLeeSiuLung3253d ago

But it is all preference, and frankly the d-pad on the 360 completely sux! However, one time I was testing out SF IV at GameCrazy and for some reason their d-pad was really loose and really good.

Suprisingly as good as the DualShock 3 if not better, but all my 360 controllers (4-5 of them) d-pad's sux!!!

It amazes me that MS hasn't fixed this issue and it is one of the reason why fighting games sell better on the PS3 despite the smaller user base.

iamtehpwn3253d ago

"Wireless isn't standard? Not everyone wants wireless and it gives consumers more choices."

Yep - It is about Giving the consumer options. That's why, you can plug the PS3 controller's into the console while it's charging and keep playing. It is a Wireless and Wired controller.

"Rechargeable batteries are perfect the way they are, "REPLACEABLE." Although I do believe they should be included with every wireless controller and not have to be bought separately."

- Which causes you have to a giant battery pack in the back of the controller, which makes the form factor uglier, and it's over all more clunky.

"You need a receiver for either wireless controller if you want to use it wirelessly with the pc. Wired controller work flawlessly"

- Yeah, but WIRELESS controllers won't work, even with a cable. My Ps3 controller which again, functions as a wired and wireless controller out of the box, works with my PC after installing the drivers.

"No bluetooth??? You kidding? What else can you use the bluetooth on the controller for? Look at it this way, the PS3 is limited to 7 wireless devices connected at one time. Remote, headsets etc. Think about it and you will see the disadvantage to this."

- I mentioned bluetooth because you can use bluetooth to wirelessly connect your PS3 Controller to your PC for use, as opposed to buying an adapter only 360 controllers. There are drivers for this. Also, There's nothing wrong with 7 wireless devices being connected to the Ps3 at once...o_O;

"I don't know where you got your info about the controller breaking easily as I don't know of any cases claiming such."
- Many, many Personal Cases and with friends and family.

"I own all 3 consoles. "
I own all 3 consoles, both portables (3 Nintendo DS's even), and a Gaming PC.

evilmonkey5013253d ago

Are you serious? I know it all about preference, but jeez.The ps3 has sixaxis AND a functioning d pad. Plus my ds3 is rechargeable out of the package, and it has longer battery life. Also, I don't have to connect my headset to it...Its WIRELESS, just like its bluetooth cousin, the ps3 controller.

presto7173253d ago

but to me the xbox 360 controller sucks. The D pad is horrible and the analog sticks are positioned akwardly. No to talk of the fact that face buttons feel clunky and cheap. The only redeeming quality is the triggers, and thats not saying much cuz I bought custom triggers for my ps3 controllers.

Dualshock has been kicking ass for more than a decade now. If it aint broke, dont fix it.

Trebius3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

You're absolutely right...

I have no qualms with the 360 is awkwardly big in my personal opinion, but I still manage to play on it...

the D-pad kills me though, the triggers are cool...but I've been playing video games since the old days, and the SNES remote comes to mind...small, and at the time very comfortable.
(more than the BLOCK NES remote lol)

In the end though, to each their own. right? :)

And to be quite honest...

THIS is the kind of response you give if someone asks you if you're planning to develop on the opposing system. (albeit it's a ridiculous one lol)

VALVE needs to start taking notes.

Risky_243253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

How long is the Usb cord for the controller? I can buy a wired controller at a cheaper price than to buy a wireless controller which costs more just to make it wired using usb. If I don't need wireless what is the point of buying it for more when there is a cheaper alternative? I don't feel the need to touch up on the other points as I don't need to reiterate.

Oh btw I own a gaming pc as well. 3 psp's, Ds, Ps2 etc. Another note, You still need an adapter to connect to the pc wirelessly through bluetooth. The 360 have a wireless headset as well did u know that? 4 users can sign in at once with four headsets

Immortal Kaim3253d ago

I have been gaming since the atari 2600, and have played every console since, so I have no problem moving between controllers.

For me personally I prefer to play certain genres on each respective console. I like FPS (because of the off axis analogs) and racing games (because of the triggers) on the 360. I prefer to play fighting games (because of the DS3's D-pad) on the PS3. Every other genre I have no problem mixing and matching, of course everyone has different tastes, so people claiming superiority of one particular controller are kidding themselves.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

of cores they pick 360's controller, it's durable, easy to have a firm grip, it's scratch proof, fingerprint proof, it's got flexible triggers, and it's FPS friendly.

Bubble Buddy3253d ago

Honestly, the only advantage the 360 controller has over the DS3 is the triggers. The triggers are far superior on 360 but that's about it. IMO anyways.

raztad3253d ago


You right, for instance games like BioShock, FEAR2 are cheap ports from the xbox version, you can tell easily because the triggers are mapped to R2 (main)/L2 (secondary), to make things worse they arent customizable. I really hate that. L1/R1 are the triggers in the DS3.

ultimolu3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

...Wow, just wow.

If that's not a crazy comment, then I don't know what is. I love the PS pad. I play all my fighting/action/adventure games with it. And I have small hands so it's great for me.

And you can charge it on the PC/PS3!

Statix3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

As a long time console FPS and veteran joystick user, I've long held the opinion now that the PS3 controller is a better controller for FPS. Sure, the 360 has a more ergonomic analog stick layout and better-feeling triggers, but I feel where the Dualshock 3 really benefits me is in the overall smoothness and precision of the analog sticks. The PS3's analog sticks simply feel smoother, more precise, and have a wider range of motion than the 360's analog sticks, and I feel this would give me the edge in a head-to-head battle against 360 players in a shooter game. I've seen studies/analyses done by some websites that arrived to the same conclusion.

I also owned an Xbox 1 last generation, and while I loved playing shooters on the system, I hated the way the analog sticks felt on the Controller S (haven't tested the Duke); they were just too stiff and had too little range of motion for me to aim well in shooters. I bought a Logitech wireless Precision Pro controller, which I felt had much more precise and smoother analog sticks.

Christopher3253d ago

Worst excuse ever.

Seriously, the level of difficulty is designed around the ability to control the character not around the ability for the controller to possibly increase one's accuracy when targeting.

iamtehpwn3253d ago

"How long is the Usb cord for the controller? etc etc etc"

Sit closer to your damn tv, or hell Dude, PS3 controllers get 30 hours of play before needing to be charged. It takes ~2 hours to recharge the battery to 100%. You can charge it with ANY thing that has USB ports, I've charged my Ps3 controller with my Wii before.

- I mean if you can't remember to recharge your controller...Dammit, just sit it down for a few minutes, leave the game going, and go get a bag of chips or something--

"You still need an adapter to connect to the pc wirelessly through bluetooth. "

- This Bluetooth adapter can be used for numerous amount of things other than your Ps3 controller, such as cellphone, PSP Go, wiimote, and other devices. Many people already have bluetooth capable Computers, laptops, and definitely Macs.

"4 users can sign in at once with four headsets"
- I never heard that the Ps3 can't. Hell, Someone get a USB mic, or plug their controller in the console directly or something. 4 people on all their mics at once is a disaster anyway. You should try LANing ffs.

HolyOrangeCows3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

That's idiotic.

You miss out on the PS3's awesome lineup because of the first-party controller, and I will enjoy playing awesome games on what's basically the same controller that I (And 100s of millions of others) have enjoyed using for over a decade.

Risky_243253d ago

Lol come on now. The 360 controller can be charged using anything with a usb port as well. In case you don't know, sitting too close to your tv isn't too good for you eyesight especially on a tv over 40"
Besides it's wireless so you shouldn't need to sit too close anyway.
Lol at the headset thing. Btw don't get me wrong, I am not against the PS3 or the controller. I was just addressing the points you made. Look at it this way... Say u were just this non techy individual who was looking to buy windows. Why would you buy Ultimate for much more cash if you aint gonna have any use for the extra features when you can purchase a different edition that suits your needs for less? It's all about options. That said, No controller is better than the other in my opinion. I think it is down to personal preference as what feels comfortable to one person may not for another.

DaTruth3253d ago

The damn thing just looks like a copy of the PS controller with the analog and D-pad switched for patent reasons.

Can't believe you people are pretending there is a big shape difference!

They had to change it because that original XBOX six face buttons was just stupid so they went with the carbon copy!

sikbeta3253d ago

This is on par with saying something like:

female neepl*s a big reason for sticking with a woman


You know a woman have a lot of good things to explore than just the neepl*s, is a whole package

The same goes for everything


ThanatosDMC3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Here. Remember the big gigantic xbox controllers? Remember how xbox owners deluded themselves of how great it was back then? Then remember the time when the smaller controller came out that took on the similar layouts of a PS controller? There.

MS did their best to copy to PS controller but it's patent protected.

Btw, i hate Aim Assist with a passion.

tordavis3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

To all the people saying Microsoft copied the Playstation design, I point you to this picture. THIS came out before the PS1 had analog sticks. Notice the similarities of the location of the d-pad and the left analog stick.

Thank you and good night.

Oh let me add that I prefer the 360 controller for FPS and Driving games and the DS3(not that 6asses crap) for fighting games.

[EDIT] it was the Sega Saturn Analog Controller but the picture won't post.

St03253d ago

I prefer the Xbox pad for driving games since the triggers are better for accelerating and braking, but prefer the PS pad for FPS, Fighting & Action type games

pixelsword3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

360's a little more ergonomic because of d-pad placement, but 360's d-pad sucks,

PS3's controller is the design all others pattern themselves after, but the controller should be bigger.

f7897903253d ago

Problem solved

I got to say that the 360 controller is slightly more comfortable with my big hands, but immediately after using it I was ready to throw it at the TV for the dpad sucking.

edhe3253d ago

I've always had an issue with the ps controller, and the dualshock used to leave welts on my palms after long sessions of tekken.

The ps controller's retarded. It's ancient, modelled off a digital pad with 'me too' analogue sticks placed in inappropriate places.

The 360 controller's almost perfect for ergonomics, especially considering my huge hands.

Guessing anyone that genuinely prefers the ps3 controller has tiny hands and penis accordingly.

Leathersoup3253d ago

And the anti-Valve freaks have a new target.

UltraNova3253d ago

'Unreliability' the biggest reason to stay away from MS or any product manufacturer for that matter...

Dandiego3253d ago

If you think 15 years of the same controller makes sence you might think Nintendo should still have the square controller right? It's called innovation. Planes, cars, houses etc have innovated PS3 controller hasn't! I have the adaptor on my PS3 to use the Xbox 360 controller its the only way to get me to play my PS3.

TotalPS3Fanboy3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

PS3 controller 'a big reason' for sticking with Sony.

jadenkorri3252d ago

to idiot who first commented, wow 100 disagrees, IDIOT, but these articles are running thin.

So reasons to have a 360 are down to the controller now, what, fanboys are running out of excuses.

boJABER3252d ago

actually 360 controller is the reason that made my friends hate playing on my 360

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TOO PAWNED3254d ago

the most ridiculous reason i ever heard...

RROD Service_Rep3253d ago

why dont developers just come out and say it... ms is giving big bonus checks.

how much more are devs going to cover this up.

ultimolu3253d ago

I know, you're right...*shakes head in pity*

I can understand if a developer wants to stick with Microsoft but the reasons they give are f*cking stupid.

Arnon3253d ago

"I can understand if a developer wants to stick with Microsoft but the reasons they give are f*cking stupid."

I wasn't aware Valve was a Microsoft company. In fact, I doubt they even really like them, and the only reason their games show up on the 360 is because it's very similar to the PC, and the fact that the 360 and PC community seem to be pretty intertwined at times.

ultimolu3253d ago

Arnon, you completely misread that.

Did I say Valve was a Microsoft company? I *said* that a developer sticking with Microsoft based games is fine but don't gi9ve stupid reasons in order to shun the other console.

BrownPowerzz3253d ago

it's just a simple truth!! The 360 controller walks circles around the DS3, except the D-pad on the 360 which sux bigtime!

Tried MW:2 on my friends PS3 today and it's just awfull to use, maybe I just have too large hands for it..

NIGHT_HAWK32103253d ago

its because all you kids do is b*tch and moan instead of playing games..... thats the real reason you idiots dont get support.

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ape0073254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

xbox 360 pad is the most comfortable pad I've ever felt

don't get me wrong,the DS3 is awesome and all but the 360 pad feels like magnet + and -

the DS3 feels a bit,just a bit more responsive,buttons are great,the 360 one feels sticky sometimes

overall.....I may like the 360 controller better,triggers and analogs help FPS shooting and driving games to feel a bit more natural

no one can deny that MS did one hell of a job with the controllers

edit:omg look at disagrees

Nac3254d ago

It is more comfortable.

sabestar3253d ago

LOL at your disagrees. Here, have an agree. Although, I do prefer the DS3 over the 360, but still they are both awesome in different ways.

Saaking3253d ago

The only thing the 360 controller has over the PS3 is the triggers (and that's debatable). Other than that, it ain't that good. Especially the face buttons and D-pad.

HDgamer3253d ago

It's just a dreamcast controller with MS on it.

MasterBlaster3253d ago

What? You must have forgotten what the Dreamcast controller looked like.

It only had 1 thumbstick and it was even bigger than the original Xbox controller.

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callahan093254d ago

This is a matter of opinion and it's such a negligible quality, I just don't get it. I personally prefer the Dual Shock. It's been a controller I use regularly for 15 years. I like certain aspects of it, like the tips of the thumbsticks versus the 360's, and the pressure sensitive analog face buttons, the d-pad. I prefer the placement of the analog sticks. I can understand it if some people have this same opinion, just as I can understand it if some people prefer the 360 controller. What I don't get are the people who make one out to be some godsend while saying the other is inferior. Neither is superior/inferior. I prefer the PS3 controller, but that doesn't mean I think it's got objectively superior qualities. Saying that the 360's controller is a reason to develop exclusively for the 360 is mind-boggling to me. The PS3 controller has the same number of buttons and it's just as capable of being used to played any game you can make for the 360, so that reasoning just makes no sense to me.

zootang3253d ago

Wasn't the dual shock given an industry award?