Eurogamer: PixelJunk Shooter Review

PixelJunk Shooter is a taut, well-made and original game that's been lavished with good design and slick coding. It won't detain you long - and without giving too much away, the post-credits kill-screen suggests a DLC expansion is highly likely, as does PixelJunk's past history. But for every minute of those few hours, it's an unpredictable, fluidly entertaining blast.

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El_Colombiano3252d ago

I say its a 9/10. Eurogamer deducts a point for being PS3 exclusive.

rucky3252d ago

Well according to Eurogamer's scoring standard it's as good as MGS4. If so then it's should be a 9-10 game.

Fulensenca3252d ago

Real gamer rule: If you want a truly detached review you have to avoid Eurogamer.

monkey nuts3252d ago

A few hours? All the past games in the series gave me ages of playtime, Eden being the longest so far for me (still haven't completed it).