DeoGa: The Warriors: Street Brawl Review


"In order to review this game completely I endured all of the levels, trying frantically not to either tear out my eyeballs or throw my Xbox out of the window. I get the feeling a hell of a lot of other people felt the same, for when I tried to initiate a multiplayer game 4 nights in a row, there were no other players available. Now either this means people have bought this and played it once then left it where it belongs in deleted games hell, or the developers haven't bothered making the multiplayer accessible because even they couldn't stand the game. Honestly, I have never been so bored playing a game in my life. The people who thought it would be a good idea to let these amateurs release this should be sacked immediately and sent to the unemployment line. I mean honestly how hard is it to make a decent game these days? Even the story is just….God, I can't bring myself to even think about it. Avoid this game as though your sanity depends on it (and it does if you play)."

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