CONFIRMED: God Of War Collection Coming To EU 2010, "Not At The Start"

GOONL!NE writes: "It's been confirmed that the God Of War Collection, comprising of God Of War 1 & 2, both with graphical updates, will definitely be heading to Europe in 2010, but not at the start of the year."

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Sonny303253d ago

I know it sucks for EU customers, but why not just import it, the PS3 is region free, I did that for a few JPN games and MK vs DC, b/c of the uncensored Joker Fatality. Worked fine.

Sangria3253d ago

Already done for me, It's been a while I don't trust SCEE anymore. Knowing them, I predict they will release GoW Collection at the same time as GoW 3, just like they done with Street Fighter, releasing Street Fighter II HD Remix at the release date of Street Fighter IV.

Shane Kim3253d ago

Any suggestions from what site? And please not ebay.

dorron3253d ago

In my case just because I don't know if it has spanish language available.

Could someone throw some light on this?

Sangria3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

@dorron: I'll receive my copy in the next few days, so I'll tell you if you want to know. But apparently it's only in English (well, it's not like if God of War had much text...).

Venatus-Deus3253d ago


they shipped mine on the 16th and it arrived in the UK on the 24th.

cmrbe3253d ago

screw up again. There is no reason whatsoever this this collection to not come out the same day as in NA.

There is no reason why Eurpoeans should not just walk into a store and get this game the same day those in NA.

weazel3253d ago

All well and good till UPS manage to fu*k up the delivery 3 TIMES!!! Poor - Apparently it's coming to my place of work tomorrow. Hmmmmmm.... We'll see.

BYE3253d ago

@Shane Kim, pretty fast and good prices.

DaTruth3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

The EU is very protectionist; So they put up a million trade barriers and tariffs. This is the reason why things take so long to release and cost so much.

Canada has a fair amount of regulation, but NAFTA(and fear of US invasion) prevents a lot of protectionism in Canada! NAFTA doesn't stop US from anything; They basically ignore it knowing we can't do $hit and suck up our oil like a sponge!

nycredude3253d ago

Guys Unfortunately there are no subtitles in GOW 1 and 2 FYI.

sniper-squeak3253d ago

is there any difference at all between games from other regions? I have MGS4 from China... was just wondering. It's region 3.

Sangria3252d ago

It depends of the game and the region, but the most times, the difference is in the languages available in the game. Some japanese games may have only japanese language, voice and subtitles, some other games may have japanese and english language, other games may be international versions, with japanese, english, spanish, french, deutsch, italian languages.

In rare cases, games are censored in a region and not in another. For example Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia is censored while in the rest of the world it's not. On PS3, rumors slated that Heavy Rain would be censored in USA due to nudity (we all know that despite being the first consumer of porn movies, americans don't like boobs). Like I said, it depends of the game and the region. Sometimes you wont see a difference, sometimes the languages available change, sometimes it's more than that.

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PirateThom3253d ago

If it doesn't come before God of War III, it's kind of pointless, really.

nycredude3253d ago

I agree it is important to release before GOW 3 but those two games remastered are great games in their own rights and STILL better than most games out now these days! Alot of people haven't played them yet so whenever they release I am sure gamers will be glad. $40 for two of the best action games EVER and they freaking look great in HD!

vasilisk3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

God of War Collection will be released probably at the same month as GoWIII but in the beginning of March insted of the end, which is the release date for GoWIII, but nothing is yet decided.
The only sure thing is that the EU version of the Ultimate Edition of GoWIII WILL include the GoW Collection along with everything else announced for the USA version and will retail for 130+ Euros.
For those who don't believe me you can boomark this comment for future reference...

silvacrest3253d ago

the fact that its coming next year is bad enough but its not even coming at the begining of the year? i dont fancy importing so epic fail SCEE, just another blunder to add to the list

Manac0R3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

If anyone wants to know a good importer in uk let me know i wont just post it up cus it looks like advertising..but this place does next day delivery and just got my copy of GoW collection..... and i got demon souls from them a while back...

I missed out when Gow was released first time so looking forward to getting involved...

On my playlist : MW2, AC2, GoW collectors, Demon souls (damn it feel good to be a gamer....) :)

nycredude3253d ago

MW2=finish first cause is less than half of each GOW game in that collection

AC2=hold off for now cause it is decently long

Demon SOuls=play during the holiday lull in Dec (Way too long to pick up)

Play GOW 1 and 2 first as those games will seriously rock your socks off! I am playing GOW 2 now and I swear it is better looking than alot of games this gen. Incredible games!

Why o why3253d ago

pm us your importer please.

Pennywise3253d ago

So NYC, the GOW games are about 8 hours each?

nycredude3253d ago

I finished the first one in just over 10 hours and I am about 8.5 hours into the second and I think there is at least another 1-2 hours left. Really, really great games and at this price it is a steal!

Manac0R3252d ago

If you in uk use ... they have GoW collectors in stock I ordered mine monday and got it tuesday :)

And yeah the GoW looks amazing on Ps3 .. the animations and framerate is spot on.. unlike a certain game that is highly enjoyable but has a hell of a lot of screen tearing *no names mentioned*

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Roper3163253d ago

Does it release before GOW3 in EU? If not then it is kinda stupid on Sony's part imho. I picked it up and will play it to refresh myself before the GOW3 release in March in the states. Does GOW3 launch in March in EU as well? Hope you guys get it before GOW3.

Lucreto3253d ago

I was hoping for a Janurary release but I have so many games to play I can wait.

They might have an a special edition of GOW3 like the US one but with the first two games as well in a "God edition."

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