Premium PSN Services Could be a Good Thing

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Following the recent announcement of Sony's plans to offer a premium platform for PlayStation Network users, the gaming community has mixed opinions. Many have cried foul, claiming that Sony is heading towards the Xbox Live model in which free access severely limits your options. On the other hand, others have articulated this is a great opportunity for Sony to open new doors and expand the PSN to new horizons, rich with a multitude of features."

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Shadow Flare3250d ago

I don't understand why people would moan about this. If multiplayer is still free, (which it is) then there's no problem. In fact everything that we have right now will supposedly stay free. The subscription stuff is gonna be new things we haven't seen yet. So i'd imagine home will stay free. Unless it starts getting really good that its worth paying for, but its not good enough to pay for yet. Sony would have to offer something pretty good for me to pay. I'd love it if the subscription included a free amount of movie rentals you could download per month

Sev3250d ago

I am totally down to pay for a better service. I mean, I am happy with the PSN as it. However I would love even more features. Who wouldn't?

I can see why people are pissed though, they bought into the whole PSN is free idea, and now they think that's being taken away. But it's not. There is just going to be an option for more.

I will gladly pay it.

Lifendz3250d ago

is really really spoiled. This is business. MS set the precedent and Sony, a publicly owned company with shareholders, couldn't pass on this forever. Don't get me wrong, I'd be moaning and groaning if they charged just to get online. But the way it sounds that's not the case. Guys, this is actually a good thing. More revenue for Sony means more money for new projects, ads, better PS3 versions of games, etc.

But trust me, if they take away my ability to do all the things I do now, then I'm right there with you. I think after keeping the service free for this long, and abstaining from any sort of fee, they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Redlogic3250d ago

I am definitely entertaining the idea of letting my xboxlive subscription lapse and then possibly jump on board the PSN paid version. I hope they really flesh out some ideas and make it a one-stop shop for all things entertainment. I hope it also includes a Sony Itunes with unlimited downloads (like zune pass) for a monthly fee. I can dream right?!

butterfinger3250d ago

online multiplayer remains free, I am all for more services/subscriptions being added to PSN at a minor cost. Also, I went ahead and agreed with all of you to counteract the first phantom disagree. I'm sure I'll be hit now, though. lol.

Gothdom3250d ago

Chances are, the premium will offer stuff either only in the usa or US+EU.

Canada still doesn't even have the video store.

Mr_Bun3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Blame the CRTC for that...I thought for sure we would have the video store by now!

Saaking3250d ago

With enough incentive I will gladly pay for a better service.

KingME3250d ago

I remember hearing people brag about how "EVERYTHING" on PSN is free and that they would "NEVER" pay for "ANY" online service. "I already pay for my internet connection, blah blah blah."

Now PSN may possibly charge for some of it's services and I can already see people changing their stance with comments like:

"With enough incentive I will gladly pay for a better service."

"I am definitely entertaining the idea of letting my xboxlive subscription lapse and then possibly jump on board the PSN paid version." (Jumping onboard a Paid Version of PSN, as if you're not using the "FREE" version, which is totally strange to say in the first place.)

"I am totally down to pay for a better service. I mean, I am happy with the PSN as it. However I would love even more features. Who wouldn't?" (Yet you woundn't pay for XBL...yeah ah right)

I mean me personally, I feel that if something is worth the money for you, then you should pay for it. However 2 months ago some of you people would never be making the comments that you're making now, which makes you look like a bunch of hypocrits.

Additionally, if Sony came back and said that there will be no premium service that that "ALL" content will remain free. You dudes would got right back to talking the same sh!t you were talking a couple of months ago.

It really kind of pathetic.

redsquad3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

No, it's pathetic that you're making something out of it.
For PSN, if you want to game online then IT'S FREE. If you want (as yet undetermined) extras, YOU PAY. That's a "CHOICE" (look the word up)

And just what 'choice' does MS offer you again? If a 360 owner JUST wants to play online then tough, they don't get the chance unless they cough up. Sorry to see the same old "you get what you pay for" cliché trotted out once again.

Sarcasm3250d ago

I think it was inevitable that some form of subscription would come. I mean Sony as a business needs to start making profit, and the online boom as seen by XBL is hard to ignore.

That being said, it's very wise that everything currents owners are used to getting for free will still be free *phew*

Redlogic3250d ago

what the heck are you talking about? All I said was that I am letting my live subsrictpion run out (because I barely use my xbox) and putting that money towards the PSN IF it is worth it. I didn't think that was that hard to understand, but since you have added nothing to this comment thread besides hate, I should have figured you to be of a small mind.

All anyone said, is with the right features they would jump on board. I don't mind supporting Sony with extra funds if the service is that good. Remember ONLINE is still free! I think that was most peoples point about paying for xboxlive. Not the other features that Live has, but the fact is you need it to pay online. And obviously, I never said i wouldn't pay for Live, because I already do...idiot.

Baka-akaB3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

No sorry i'm not drinking the koolaid , for once i'd agree a bit with the comment above .

We cant whine and moan , and righfully so about XBL not being free , and then say with a smile "oh but it's it make the service better i'm in" ...

You guys dont even know what they call "making it better" and you already agree .
Wich is ridiculous imo.

Mot of the xbl features still not present on PSN arent absent because of some much needed fee and costly technology .
Microsoft had eons to perfect voice chat and text chatting via their own long standing experiment with messenger , netmeeting and their rivalry on pc against skype , yahoo , icq etc ...
They dont have neither some hidden extra cost due to servers , when most thing are handled on the user's side with p2p connexions .

The only reasons PSn was lagging behind with custom music , cross chat etc was Sony's inexperience in the matter , and obviously like with Custom music , some technical and legal hurdles to break one by one .

Rampant3250d ago

It has already been proven that online services with a premium option are superior to all others.

Budg3tG4m3r3250d ago

He makes a point the last 3yrs PS3 fanboys have been dissing Live do to its cost. Now all those same PS3 fanboys are changing their tune in full support of Sony charging. Kinda looks bad on the Playstation community when you guys do that. I for one have said I think this is a good idea, the money Sony spends on keeping it free must be taking its toll. Now I know you fanboys backs are against the wall here and its hard to find a way out. You pretending you never said the things you did about Live the past 3yrs and now you have to flipflop hurts. You should just take it on the chin and keep whatever dignity you have left.

evrfighter3250d ago

really going the wrong way with this.

If sony wants to give their user a multimedia enriched environment comparable to what you can get out of a HTPC it should stay free.

Console gaming/console entertainment just took a huge step back.

Their slogan "It only does everything" is about to become "It only does everything...for a price"

Redlogic3250d ago

please realize....ONLINE GAMING IS STILL FREE!! I don't know where some of you get off critizing PS3 gamers for being curious and possibly willing to sign up for a subscription of PSN. The beef some of them had was that MS charged you to play online, thats where the critics came from. And they do have a point.

To say, "You pretending you never said the things you did about Live the past 3yrs and now you have to flipflop hurts. You should just take it on the chin and keep whatever dignity you have left" is a perfect example of stupid comments made by a few of you here.once was criticized for charging people to use part of a game they already paid for! Get it?

cyberwaffles3250d ago

hey, if adding some more cash into sony's pockets mean they'll create even more innovative and advanced technology and services, then i'm all down for it. i don't mind paying for something that is worth it's value and will continue to evolve, but xbl never has really done that for me. you're still forced to pay online and the services that they add you could get for free on your PC. the only thing i ever liked about XBL's "improvement" was the whole dashboard removal for the NXE. other than that, sony deserves more for the services they're offering.

blogz4fanboyzz3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

before sony and nintendo charge for everything on-line. they have been watching the money microsoft has been making from live with envious eyes, and quiet rightly want a share of the spoils. on-line play will remain free on the ps3 this me thinks, but will be charged for next gen. this is the first step in lubricating the consumers after they said on-line would remain free.

i've been paying for live since 04 and have never blinked at the fee. i also enjoy gaming on the psn aswell, and for a free service it's good. and when the ps4 has subscription based on-line play, i will subscribe to that aswell!

in a way i'm glad sony have started to make some money off of the psn, that way, they can hopefully start ploughing more money into the psn and make it even better.

my verdict, payed for services are better! look at xbox-live. and when the psn is equal and is a subscription based service, i will gladly pay for both.

KingMe: have a bubble, these hypocritical turds on here would turn a blind eye if the sony boardroom gang raped their mums and sisters. in all honesty i've never seen such a bunch of pathetic obsessed turds in my life. even when i posted on the playstation forums, there was fanboys on there, but not to the extent of the idiots that dwell on here.

KingME3250d ago

"I don't lke fanboys like KingME much but..."

I can totally respect where you're coming from, however look at my past comment history as far back as you want. Here's what you'll find, you'll find me calling out smack talking, flip flopping fanboys (Like me I guess according to you, but that's cool) for the stupid comments that they make. What you will not find is me making comments like, the PS3 is doomed, PSN sucks, Sony is stealing, SNE is garbage, etc. or other comments putting the PS3 or PSN down.

I tend to check those making bizzarre comments like saaking, and others like him/her. Call me a fanboy if you want, and to some degree I would have to agree, but what I'm not, is a FANBOY that bashes the other system simply out of hate as some people do. I typically bash jerks that can't be reasoned with. Thus my only have two bubbles. They can't debate with you, the remove your bubbles so that they can't be challenged.


"No, it's pathetic that you're making something out of it"

Actually, I called it they way I've seen it, now what's really pathetic is for you to say I'm making something out of nothing when I'm actually pointing something out. What I was pointing out is that some of you guys are waffling and flip flopping. You may consider that to be "nothing" when infact it's one of the most annoying human traits on the planet. No one like likes a double standard, and just because you don't see it as a double standard doesn't mean that it isn't.


Take it the way you want, as far as I'm concerned your previous comment was simply whack. Nothing against you personally just your comment. But as I said before in no direct terms "whatever".

"RED"Logic, "RED"Squad...hmmm

Redlogic3250d ago

if you are suggesting that we are the same person, then you really are pathetic. Good job detective, we both have the word Red in our names so we must be the same person. So i guess everyone with the word game in their name is the same. I hope there isn't anyone else with the word King in their name.

IntelligentAj3250d ago

I see alot of people saying the Sony fanboys that were complaining about Live being a fee based service now are applauding Sony for adding a premium level. I don't know about everyone else but my problem with Live has been that you HAVE to pay to play online, there is no choice. If the online gaming stays free than this is entirely different that Live. What are you people talking about?

evrfighter3250d ago

"my verdict, payed for services are better! look at xbox-live. and when the psn is equal and is a subscription based service, i will gladly pay for both."

My verdict: I'll stick to the platform that is free and better than xlive and psn.

powered by Steam.

Budg3tG4m3r3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

@Redlogic who said anything about critics? it was PS3 fanboys that said what they said. You can deny, spin, or wish it all away but fact is fact. That is why fanboys are so stupid, they end up taking the bitter pill. Critics going after Sony or MS is one thing but fanboys is somthing different. An entire community of dumb fanboys talked trash and now turn around to be the biggest hypocrites in gaming.

@KingME I meant no disrespect I tend to lump the people that seem like fanboys up in one big ball. I apologize for my assumption, on N4G it gets hard to tell which are the crazy jealous fanboys and which are the fans. Sorry bro

darthv723249d ago

I can actually see sony offering up a pay to play level of psn. Not knocking the free side of things but it just makes sense for them to rake in some $$ from gamers wanting to really experience the full benefit of online play.

Lets take a game like MAG for example. Lots of testing going on and some have been in matches where it is 16v16 and some 32v32 and so on. Imagine if sony made it where you could play the game online free but in a limited number of players. More of a peer to peer setup in that sense. If you want to play the full uber online experience of 256 players then you subscribe to the premium level of online service.

That actually isnt a bad idea. Still better than live. There are several games that can be set up for peer to peer hosting which would remain free. Other games that offer dedicated servers or super sized amounts of players (like MAG) will let you play free but in limited size unless you pay for the full multiplayer. Free multiplayer is still the full experience, I am simply talking about game size (number of players).

This could work out to sony and the paid gamers favor. The paid members wouldnt be held back by the non paid ones and the games would run smooth with no lag. Non paid members would have to put up with whatever restrictions a peer to peer setup entails (lag, drop in drop out hosting, etc).

I would pay to play in a more controlled environment so long as it benefits the gamer instead of hinder them.

raztad3249d ago

I'll never pay for playing online. I dont want/expect regular features to go the Premium route. I mean, Demos/betas downloads, all the stuff we already have + some other missing, but we know are coming, like Xgame invites.

If this Premium service is some sort of Qore, but for game/movie rentals/purchases, it's all good.

decimalator3249d ago

At this point this is all just speculation. The only word that we have is from the Kaz Hirai quote that essentially says that there will be ADDITIONAL premium services that will require a subscription fee.

There is no sense in having separate levels of online play, they're not going to have dedicated servers for subscribers. The actual game networking is not done at the "online service" level, it is title-specific and up to the developer and publisher. This is why some games have dedicated servers and others are peer-to-peer, even for Xbox Live despite its subscription fee.

Really, there is no "network" that PSN or XBL run on. They all run over the same Internet. All that these services are are centralized identity management systems. This way you don't have a separate account for every game that you have and there is a consistent "user experience". This is done by providing API hooks that developers must use in their code, rather than each developer implementing it on their own or license code from some middleware provider.

More than likely these "premium services" will be new services like PSP and PS3 game rentals or "season pass" type services. They might have early access to demos and new games that "standard" accounts will get a week or two later. They might have some exclusive content like what Qore gives you.

They might even have separate "premium" game and video services, so instead of free games you got a certain number of free movies or movie rentals per month.

Ultimately, at this point not even Sony knows what these "premium services" will be. So throwing your hands up in the air and exclaiming that p the PSN isn't free anymore or any other similarly vague and misleading conjecture is... vague and misleading. And dumb. Don't be that guy.

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DoucheVader3250d ago

I don't see what the problem is either. Just as long as they don't gimp the free service like Xbox Live, I won't have any problems with this.

I am curious what Sony has in store for us.

decimalator3249d ago

Yeah, this will only be a bad thing if it affects the current service level. From the sound of it, Sony realizes that charging for EXISTING services that are free (online play, etc.) will be the quickest way to alienate their customers.

As long as they stick to providing the existing services for free, then this can only be a positive for PSN gamers. We continue to get what we DON'T pay for and there is even more cool stuff for people who are willing and able to fork over a subscription. I will be more than happy to pay it if they come up with some useful services.

PSP game rentals? PS3 PSN game rentals? Or maybe something like the casual PC game market where you can pay a subscription to play any game you want. There are a lot of opportunities forSony to provide valuable "premium" services that would be worth the money to me.

Roper3163250d ago

the only problem I really have with Live is that you can't play online unless you pay. Where as Sony has stated that the gaming will still be a free service. That is why PSN is and will always be better then live for me because it allows me to fully enjoy every part of every game I buy without further costs. If the 360 was like that I would probably split the MP titles across both of my consoles, but it isn't so that is why I have 74 PS3 games and like 20 360 games. Haven't bought a 360 game since SO4 in February and probably won't ever buy another game for it until online gaming is free, why spend full price on a game that I am only allowed to play 1/2 of?

Lifewish3250d ago

the only way this would piss me off is if they did it like the whole live situation. I mean Silver members on live can do NOTHING! If they make playing online cost money then i have a problem

Killjoy30003250d ago

As I said in the article, with the announcement that the premium services will be in addition to the build we've been enjoying for years, there's no need to fear. (Sorry for the rhyme hehe)

It will be everything you love and then a whole lot more!

Thepro3183250d ago

i hope sony let premium subscribers get 2 to 3 free 24 hour movie rental advatar comes out next month imagine HD rental of dat amazing