PlayMagazine: MX vs ATV Reflex Review

Play writes: "As gamers, racing is in our blood, just as it's always been in gaming's. Since Pole Position rolled off the assembly line in 1983, no single category has been as constant or significant. We may not see eye to eye on which genre we prefer or what individual sport we favor, but the need for speed is truly universal. Racing games have also been the barometer on which we've measured each passing generation of console. As sure as the sun rises in the east, racing has been and will forever be a mainstay in the world of video games. But what defines a truly great racing experience? And why do we need so many? What drives us to buy more and more, year after year?"

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SnuggleBandit3249d ago

I HATED the demo, the friggin ruts were WAY too harsh on the dirt bikes.

St03249d ago

Wasn't expecting that score


I din't too, specially because of the demo. It played like crap, looked like crap... dammit, it even sounded like crap. Either that demo was a joke or the reviewer is high.