Dante's Inferno has gone into Beta

CC: The team working on Dante's Inferno have revealed that the game is now in it's Beta stage.

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MSpence5163253d ago

I'm not saying that Dante's Inferno is going to be good/bad, but Saint's Row 1/2 was a GTA rip off and is still one of the most fun experiences I have ever had.

Just because it is like another game, doesn't mean it will suck teh ballz.

TheTruth20093253d ago

Like Trophies/Achievements?
And waggle controllers?
And Facebook?
And Cross Game Chat?
And Home?

And not to mention, I played Uncharted 2. If you've played Gears of War, you KNOW how to play Uncharted 2. Same control scheme.

Now THAT'S ripping someone off.

No Sony Fan should ever come in here and accuse ANYONE of ripping anyone off. Ever.

And I'll make you a wager...

Dante's Inferno will score higher than your precious God of War. :-)

lord_of_balrogs3253d ago

I'll be getting DI and GOW3