The Behemoth Files a Pair of Game Name Trademarks

Gamervision writes:
"It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from developer the Behemoth about its enigmatic third game project. The company behind both Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers has offered very little in the way of new information on the game, outside of the above picture of a sad box-faced fellow, and a teaser video that came out way back in August (okay, I know August isn't exactly that long ago, but in a 24-hour news world, it might as well be the Dark Ages). However it looks like there might be some movement on getting the game #3 closer to consoles, as the Behemoth has filed a pair of trademarks with the US government for new game names. The patents filed were for the usual gamut of items, from "leather and imitation leather keychains" to the all important "computer software for use in video games", under the names Hostage Negotiator and Battle Theater."

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