Tech-Gaming: Academy of Champions: Soccer Review

Evidently, creating an arcade-like sports game can be a challenging task. For every successful diversion such as NBA Jam or Wii Sports, there are a handful of complementary middling titles like Family Fun Football or Bill Lambeer's Combat Basketball. Boiling down an adored recreation down to a few, simple enjoyable mechanics can stymie even an experienced developer.

The core gameplay of the recently released Academy of Champions: Soccer is surprisingly polished, approaching the level of finesse shown in 2007's Mario Strikers Charged. Academy wisely trims footie to a five-on-five match, allowing players to concentrate on nimble dribbling, and passing to a reduced number of teammates. Gamers use the stick on the Nunchuck to direct a player on the pitch, with a tap of the "C" button switching control to the teammate closest to the ball.

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