Gamingbolt: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Review

GB writes: "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a funny though underwhelming piece of DLC that when all is said and done, isn't worth your money.

* The Good: Very funny. Good looking environments.
* The Bad: Very short. Very repetitive. No new gear or items. Zombies are not challenging and are too few in number. Terrible frame-rate issues."

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gameseveryday3343d ago

Borderlands was such a great game, too bad the DLC got such a low score :(

velcry3343d ago

I was waiting for this with so much anticipation...

Finished main campaign + all side quests a few weeks ago on PS3. Was hoping for new level cap + new gear... come on, what expansion doesn't give these basic things?

Furthermore, console owners are still, STILL waiting for a simple patch to allow 5 lines of weapon attributes to be shown... gearbox said the fix was found 2 weeks ago, but have yet to deploy it...

Thought they would deploy patches in conjunction with DLC, but doesn't look like it...

First time DLC and continuing "support" has left a sour taste for me... at this rate I'm trading this game in. Sigh. And it had so much potential.

velcry3343d ago

Reading GB's and EG's reviews, it seems that the EG reviewer hasn't played too much of Borderlands. EG played a level 20 Siren, and therefore didn't find the DLC to be lacking in content, loot, or enemies.

GB's reviewer seemed to have completed the game already though, and therefore didn't find anything new besides the environments, reskinned enemies and different AI.

Me? I finished the game 2x already, so I think GB's review is more suited for me.

callahan093343d ago

Such a low score is undeserved, though. I bought the DLC as soon as it went up, and I'm having a BLAST with it! The story is hilarious, the new environments are gorgeous and awesome, the new enemies are cool, the missions are fun (especially some of the boss encounters). Frankly, I'm enjoying it more than the original campaign, and I loved that one too. A 4 out of 10 makes absolutely no sense to me! The DLC is quite long and offers a lot for only 10 bucks. Totally worth it for any fan of Borderlands or zombies.

MasterBlaster3343d ago

4/10 is way too low. The DLC is tons of fun. 4s should be reserved for total crap/nearly broken games. I agree with callahan09 when he said that he enjoyed it more than the original game. I played with a 50 hunter and am happy with my purchase.

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williamkenny3343d ago

Such a low it isn't worth picking up then?

callahan093343d ago

It's definitely worth picking up. I don't get this low score. The DLC has a great new story, hilarious new voice recordings, cool zombie combat, excellent new environments to explore, fun missions, badass bosses, and everything else you could ask for at just 10 dollars. I am stonished that they hated it so much, within 1 hours with it I was already proclaiming it "DLC of the year!" without question.

williamkenny3343d ago

Yep, and it sounds like there were some real frame rate issues. I won't be picking this up until it's fixed.

Roper3163343d ago

I personally am loving the DLC and feel it is well worth the money. Good thing I like to form my own opinion instead of listening to someone elses like most people seem to do.

williamkenny3343d ago

Well the thing is, most of the other people are right. That's why people read reviews!

gamingisnotacrime3343d ago

"Well the thing is, most of the other people are right. That's why people read reviews! "

You must have missed out very good games then, and bought some crappy ones if you follow reviews as a determining factor. Most people opinions can be better represented in online retailers reviews (Like amazon).
The DLC looks fun, the frame rate issues however are unnaceptable

velcry3343d ago

Could you elaborate on what else you like about the DLC? I'm looking for more reviews on it, but it's still quite new DLC.

My quick questions to anyone who has played it:

- Is the frame rate problem game-breaking?
- If you completed main campaign 2x and all sidequests, are the quests here fun or repetitive?
- How many new enemy types are there?
- Are there new vehicle types?
- Is there really no raised level cap?
- Are there any new skills for any of the classes?
- Are there any new weapon rarity levels?

Thanks in advance bros.

gameseveryday3343d ago

agreed! Thats why we have video games website!

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