Far Cry 3 to be set in Antarctica?

Far Cry 2 narrative designer has mentioned that Antarctica could be the next setting for the Far Cry series.

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Eldon33252d ago

I dont care where it is, as long as they leave the map editor in. That's what kept me coming back for months and months. It is so addictive to design maps, play in them, and play games in other people's maps. It keeps the game incredibly fresh even to this day.

Pandamobile3252d ago

And what are we going to kill, penguins?

GamerSciz3252d ago

Nope, polar bears. All I know is that if they do have a snow setting then good luck graphically making it better than Crysis on the PC or Uncharted 2 on PS3.


Uncharted 2:

Automat3252d ago

Dude, South Africa invaded Antarctica like a long time ago...

Bathyj3252d ago

Dammit, thats what I came in here to say.

Hopefully we can line penguins up like ducks at the county fair (Is that what you guys call it?) and pick them off one after another. Then maybe kick them like chickens.

Whats wrong with me?

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MetalGearRising3252d ago

Antarctica don't like the sound of that give's me the chills.

mj2463252d ago

Actually, i think it could be a spectacular game if they can pull off some amazing snow visuals. That is if it's in Antarctica...

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The story is too old to be commented.