IncGamers Column - Telling Tales

Tim McDonald delves into the how and why of telling stories in games, discussing why games are a different media to films and books when it comes to telling stories, and giving thoughts as to the past and future.

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Leord3248d ago

Oh, cool. A bit related to that "games are art" statement from some game developer yesterday...

Cogo3248d ago

I love that he managed to get in a Rashomon reference!

Leord3248d ago

Well, you say that, but I've never heard of that film before I saw this article :P

AndyA3248d ago

From what I've seen of Heavy Rain, it seems like for once story is the focus. Which is a big step forward, IMO.

Leord3248d ago

It's like a story/lore renaissance in games. Me who love lore and backstories feel this is da hoot.

Maticus3248d ago

Games are interactive - you can make the story up as you go - which improves the experience enormously.

AndyA3248d ago

To be fair, though, not many games let you influence the story with decisions or, if they do, they're kind of cosmetic and simply lead to a different ending cinematic. Not enough devs have really made the effort with branching storylines IMO.