New Sony Terms Of Service Is A Typo: It's Still 5

Confirmation that the recent discussion on the Sony Terms of Service update was all for nothing: the number is actually staying at five, the three was 'a typo'. We've been told to expect "an updated email within the next few days".

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Guido3339d ago

Good to hear. I didn't think Sony would try and lessen the terms since they typically don't try and screw over their customers.

nix3339d ago

well... such a waste of energy debating about it yesterday.

if everything you read in internet is true, then we all would have become a nigerian millionaire. q:

gaffyh3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I bet a lot of people are now breathing a sigh of relief. I'm glad it's still 5 because my YLOD PS3 still had my account activated on it, so I dunno if the activation was removed by Sony when the replaced it. Though I doubt it.

Saaking3339d ago

All the people complaining yesterday over a Typo. lmao

Harry_Manback3339d ago

Unfortunately, Sony does not deactivate YLOD PS3 unless you request it. I would know, I just got off the phone with them as I had a PS3 YLOD on me about a year ago and never thought to request them to deactivate. Fortunately, they were able to deactivate if for me today :)

Godmars2903339d ago

Sorry, but weren't you one of them?

techie3339d ago

Most of the debating on N4G is a waste of time.

Ocelot5253339d ago

then why do you comment here Deep?

leila013339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

No actually Saaking was defending it.
It's because of people like you, Saaking, that some companies get away with so much (overpriced accessories, paying for online gaming...).

NecrumSlavery3339d ago

Like MS? They don't support anything outside their own house. So you are forced to buy their monopolized peripherals and services? MS support is a clear cut sign of how people let companies get away with this stuff.

Why o why3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

+1....totally saw ur angle...good sport

the keyword begins with 's'

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jozbaldwin3339d ago

Damn, I posted the story 10 minutes before this one and failed the approval for duplicate, mine also has the original source

gaffyh3339d ago

I had a similar situation a while ago, but turns out I was wrong and so are you. Because you need to look at the page number rather than the time it was posted e.g. your story is 433920, whereas this one is 433907, which is before yours.

The time refreshes when it is approved, which is why it isn't accurate or something.

techie3339d ago

Meaning the person who submitted the story saved off a story space just so they could have an earlier number?

jozbaldwin3339d ago

Ok, thanks for the tip gaffyh, I'll keep that in mind.

rawd3339d ago

Game share whores will sleep good tonight

3339d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.