Is the Xbox 360 getting any more reliable?

The Xbox 360 is less reliable than other games consoles, according to our reliability survey published last week. But the big question is whether consoles bought today can be expected to be any more reliable than the ones bought years ago. We broke out the office scientific calculator and took another look at the data we gathered in our survey to find out.

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Capt CHAOS3253d ago

I've got three of them and had two faulties (though much older models, one is a release model).


Guido3253d ago

Compare 2008 console reliability numbers of the 360 with the 2006 and up data for the PS3 and Wii. If you look at it in the same light, the PS3 and Wii numbers for 2008 are more than likely less than 16 percent as we see the 360 number is slightly lower. Maybe the Wii and PS3 are around 11 percent and the 360 is 21 percent?

The Meerkat3253d ago

I got a launch and it broke, its been replaced 6 times now.
But the most recent replacement has lasted over a year.
So I think the answer is yes.

And MS customer services have been great during the problem times.
They sent me a free game, free controller, and a free xbox (which I gave to a friend). And each time they repair a console they give you a 30 day xbox live card too.

Guido3253d ago

No number of butt kissing attempts from MS could persuade me from enjoying the reliability of the PS3. I would not wish for unreliability just so I could get a free game or controller. They can do whatever they want as a residual effect to their incompetence in making a reliable console but int he end, not all gets the treatment you received and those that did not have the attitude I have, MS stands for shoddy hardware and silly excuses. I will stick with the reliable consoles, the Wii and the PS3 for most of the games and when it comes to exclusives, I will turn on my 360 in hopes it will not die on me again for a sixth time.

Raf1k13253d ago

Does MS have a courier to pick up the broken Xbox? I'm thinking of getting one sometime but I don't really want to be paying to post something to MS's repair services.

If it breaks on me I'll still have my PS3 and PC to play on.

sikbeta3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I don't know who in HELL can disagree with a person who got a console that broke

When something brake you can't disagree with the owner, is not an opinion, dumb disagree fairy


I read somewhere that M$ put another Motherboard in the new models to prevent the issues or at least make them less easy to break

Serial_EDX3253d ago

Every time I say my ps3 broke I get negatives?

So I wonder why.

mint royale3253d ago

It damn better be if its been out this long. If it hasn't then its a disgrace.

Anon19743253d ago

Meerkat's experience has been the polar opposite from mine. My launch 360 has been replaced 4 times. Twice I had to pay $170 (cdn) for the repair because they hadn't extended the warranty. Both times I had to fight to get that money back when they extended the warranty. Once they sent me a replacement console that gouged disks so bad it ruined 3 of my titles until I figured out what was going wrong, and then they refused to replace that unit because "disk scratching isn't covered" until I pointed out I have an extended warranty, through them!

Twice they gave me a 30 day XBL card. That's it. No free console. No free game. All I got was $8 worth of XBL and hours and hours of my time wasted with their maddening customer support.

Disccordia3253d ago

As someone who works for a game retail shop, I would have to say that yes, they are getting more reliable. In fact, since the elite came out, there has been a steady decrease in the number of faulties coming back so well done MS.

mastiffchild3253d ago

My latest 360 elite is nearly a year old now and I haven't had ANY problems with it yet(touch pretend wood desk)apart from it scratching up a disc or two at the start if it's life(but not since, in fairness)and being honest it's much quieter than most people's that I know and all of mt previous, now dead, 360s.

But the point isn't if they're getting more reliable but moreif they're now reliable ENOUGH. Have they reached industry accepted rates like both the other consoles? I doubt it or we'd have had great trumpeting from MS and, no doubt, the court case saving(and way short of watertight)warranty would have been scrapped by now.

Another thing is that when my old 360s were dying on me I was using them more than I've ever used this new one. Because I've less faith in it I rarely use it and only ever for exclusives if I'm being truthful so , really, it sahould still be fine when the PS3 has had both more exclusives that I've bought and played this year AND all the multiplats because of it's controller and better reliability. I know I'm not alone in multiple owners in doing this as well so we might be even further from knowing the exact situation with them.

Another thing is that MS customer support haven't been great with me or my missus in the past and Meercat is lucky to have had such great service. On different occasions I've waited for three weeks for them to replace a console so a months free Live when I'd already payed didn't make up for the time I'd missed when, by the time it had run out I didn't have a 360 anyway after they told my missus she was a liar when she rrported a replacement we'd had for under a month had failed to power up. We were left to dry on that one and until the rude bloke got caught doing it to others in recorded phone calls and MS finally apologised(but offered me nothing)I wouldn't buy another one. That said I'm only pointing out that yuo CAN get a tosser and sometimes the company backs them and not innocent consumers./ Definitely I've had crap service from other companies in the past and from Sony this gen-with their moving of the goalposts over things depending who you talk to.

Whatever, there's no way of knowing just how reliable they are just now but I doubt they've got near the other two yet and they should never have caused all this in the first place by rushing it out without enough QA.

Reibooi3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

I don't think it is. I have been through about 5 of them so far all under warranty so didn't have to pay a cent.

6 months ago I did finally get annoyed and bought a Elite with the newest chipset thinking it would make a difference.

Oh how i was wrong. I hardly use it and already it's having disk drive problems and sounds like a jet airplane taking off inside my room. It's a matter of time until it red rings on me.(Or the disc drive just totally breaks).

I don't think it's getting more reliable and it makes me wonder why MS plans on sticking it out with the 360 when it still has such a high failure rate. They really should be trying to make a new version like a slim(or in this case a fatter model to reduce heat) Or just hurry up and start trying to get the Next Xbox on track instead of trying to keep the 360 alive with Natal.

RealityCheck3253d ago

For people that have the newer motherboards, yes, the 360 is more reliable now.

My first unit was replaced a few times but the last time they changed the motherboard and it has been fine since. I also bought a second one (latest motherboard) for another setup and it's been running great.

I still hear friends who have problems from time to time but they are are almost always older consoles or refurbished.

So in short I feel I can recommend again to family and friends to consider a 360 along with a PS3. For a while before they did the redesign I just couldn't do it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3253d ago

My oldest 360 is one of the earliest Falcons and is used the most since it is in the living room. Never had a single issue with any of them. Initially, I went as far as buying a 3-year warranty at Target, but never got to use it so far.

However, my cousin had a launch that went south. He had it fixed and sold it. His second Xbox 360, a non-falcon also went bad. His DVD-drive went out and was replaced. It has working fine since, but just got banned!

So from personal experience, I would say the newer models are vastly improved. Going from Falcon forward, I would say the problem is probably non-existant for most users.

If anything, I think a 360 is most likely to succumb to Disc Read Errors and that is why I bought the warranty. With the hard drive installation, this is no longer an issue. In fact, with all consoles this is probably the most common problem. If there is one to fear, it is the DRE.

Leathersoup3253d ago

All I know is that I've gone through several Xboxes lately. Every time I play a game that I'm relatively interested in and my Xbox stays running for say 12 hrs straight, the dvd drive starts getting read errors. This happens whether or not I have the game installed to the HDD or not. As a matter of fact this last box survived until Dragon Age came out. Played extensively over the weekend and when I next turned on my Xbox... tadaaa the DVD drive wouldn't recognize the discs properly anymore.

StanLee3253d ago

Never had one problem with my XBox 360. (*knocks on wood*)

clonerz3253d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Lets see two Xbox 360 pro failed within two week span less than year old at the time.So i returned them to Best Buy swapped em out for Playstation 3. At the time i already had one ps3. Well after a year one of those ps3 shuts down during certain games called Sony they said don't know whats wrong but will fix for 150.00 Well lets see i paid 500.00 for that one {60gb} so i paid all this money for something i got a little over a year of use out of and this one is my daughters who put about 60-70 hrs tops of use on that console.Well in October my ps3 {60gb} model i paid 600.00 for it had about 300 hours on it gave me the dreaded YLOD. The thing is i really can't believe i have gone through this many consoles this generation. I think in a race to one up each other Ms and Sony didn't do enough to curb the heat problem in these powerful consoles. To say i am disappointed is an understatement without a doubt for all the great games this gen. These console issues just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Sarcasm3252d ago

My 360 is still going strong.

Yes, that's coming from someone labeled as a hardcore PS3 fanboy.

Millah3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

360 just has a fundamental design flaw, all MS has been doing is patching their wounds but not truly fixing the design problem. The 360 will always be a higher than normal unreliable console until they completely change the design of the hardware. Especially for gamers who play their 360s a lot for extended periods of time, they'll always be at high risk for failure.

I just had another 360 red ring on me and now I'm giving up and playing everything on PS3 from now on. I'll be turning my 360 on only for exclusives and thats it, all my multiplayer and multiconsole games will be played on PS3. Free online PSN pwns Live, I don't care how many gimmick features it has like Twitter or Facebook, I care about playing games online not posting status updates.

Basically this is what happens when you rush to get your console out to be first in the market.

PS3PCFTW3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

3 x 50 = 150-200 rrod 360s.

thats just between me and my friends in garden city, NEW YORK.

I can only imagine how many people got the rrod. its kind of like a plague now. it will never go away, those of you that deny it need to get ms' shlong out of your throats. Its funny that microsoft no longer flaunts their "hardware sales lead". Its pretty obvious that half of those sales are replacements....meaning the 360 has not been in the lead for quite some time now.

needless to say, my friends and i pretty much migrated to the ps3 and left the 360 behind. Of all of us that own ps3s now, only 3 ps3s broke. 2 of them stopped reading discs(movies and games) and 1 ylod and just wouldnt boot. Personally, my ps3 is almost always on. It is basically the center of my home theater and everyone enjoys its functions in 1 form or another. we have tons of blurays and games, downloaded films, music discographies.

my sister has a wii, and that thing never broke.... of course noone in my house really plays with that crap anymore though. It kind of just sits there looking sleek and gets dusted every once in a while because it really is a nice looking console. Even if the wii had games or bluray playback..i doubt it would break. I really cant remember the last time nintendo had hw problems.

speaking of sleek, i like the new slims. Im thinking i will get one this weekend and reduce the load on my launch ps3.

Anon19743252d ago

The 360 needed a whole new redesign, not just a change here and there. There's no excuse for not redesigning the console when people are going through 3, 4 and sometimes 5 consoles. If they fixed it and relaunched they'd probably be a contender instead of being outsold by a console that was twice the price for 3 years.

blogz4fanboyzz3252d ago

most of the people i know are not having the problems they had before. but if you talk to any sony fanboy on n4g, and it seems that the 360 is even worse....

syanara3252d ago

It shouldn't have had the problem in the first place so if it became 100% reliable it still like I said should not have had the problem in the first place

4Sh0w3252d ago

My launch 360 broke on me, I got it repaired and about 3 months later gave it to my sister and brought an Elite, both me and my sister play regularly and neither of us have had any problems. I know quite a a lot of 360 owners and most of them had RROD within a year after launch, but the good news is that I rarely hear any of them say their 360 has any problems lately. Of course 360's still break, but its a lot more reliable so I'm just glad to see more gamers enjoying their consoles these days without having to put up with annoying hardware failures.

DevastationEve3252d ago

At the Best Buy I work at I've seen maybe 2-4 Xbox 360s come in for us to exchange/send to service in the last month. I don't know where the 54% failure rate myth came from but I've been all around and up and down and it seems only PS3 fanboys really have an issue with it, since they want to use it to paint a worse picture than it really is.

I don't mean to imply that it doesn't exist or that it's never happened to anyone, but fanboys played it out way too much. For the people who HAVE had this issue I hope Microsoft did what they could to make things right. If not then they lost a valuable customer didn't they :O

HolyOrangeCows3252d ago

The first 25+ million 360s are still faulty. They aren't going away any time soon. And the new models have shown to only be a bit more reliable.

MNicholas3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

But the overall pattern roughly matches past estimates.

Nevertheless it's fun to play around with the numbers.

According to the study, these are the overall hardware failure rates for Xbox360s during first 24 months of ownership. These are listed by year of purchase.

2005: 58% (635k) failed within 24 months
2006: 64% (4.3M) failed within 24 months
2007: 57% (4.5M) failed within 24 months
2008: 40% (4.4M) failed within 24 months (partial data)

Total sold between 2005 and 2008: 26.5 Million
Total failed within 24 months: 14 Million (52%)

52% failure rate within 2 years is shocking. That doesn't even include consoles that failed in year 3 or 4! As other data sources have shown the real net failure rate is well over 60 percent or about 2 out of 3.

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NewZealander3253d ago

two consoles, one a launch the other about a year old, no problems what so ever, i did force a red ring on my console so i could get new parts before the 3yr warranty ran out, ill admit it though unlike some people i know:D

Guido3253d ago

Only difference is that they both are PS3's. My fifth Xbox 360 died a year ago and I have turned it on for exclusives only since then. If I keep it off as much as possible it seems to last longer...

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Ninji3253d ago

It's a flop as usual. I can still play my SNES...I bet you can't say that about the 360 after 18 years. In fact, the 360 will break after about a year anyways.

ultimolu3253d ago

I miss Super Mario World and U.N Squadron...;~;

Dammit, I blame my uncle for giving the SNES away.

Magnus3253d ago

Getting my 360 back in January from Microsoft and I think I'll just use it for exclusives most multy plats i just buy for my PS3. I don't think the Xbox is reliable yet persay but it sure doesn't RROD or E74 as fast like they use to. If Jasper can last 2 yrs without an incident then yse they have become more reliable.