Left 4 Dead 2 had "3.5 to 4" times as many pre-orders as L4D

Valve's Doug Lombardi has said that Left 4 Dead 2's pre-order figures "look to be between 3.5 to 4 times the size of L4D1's", contributing some of its success to the bonus baseball bat pre-order incentive.

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Capt CHAOS3248d ago

Only just borrowed L4D from a mate.. Guess what I'm doing Dec..

DJ Chick3248d ago

Being late to the party would be my first guess.

Stryfeno23248d ago

I have a friend who is a droid and he went and pre-ordered L4D2 without even owning a 360. He's planning to buy a 360 on Black Friday.

CernaML3248d ago

....You call your own friend a droid? Holy sh*t you people are sad.

I don't even call people I don't know on the internet an xbot or a droid.

BasilMarceaux3248d ago

This story is a waste.

So youre telling me that a sequel to a highly popular game had more pre-orders to an untested, under-hyped new game?

thats really big news.

DuneBuggy3248d ago

Yep. Slow news day for sure.

Rocco Siffredi3248d ago

L4D2 is ways better than the 1st one.

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