Windows 8: What to expect?

MyBroadband writes:

"Voice interaction and 128-bit support? Microsoft is already looking at Windows 7's successor."

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lh_swe3249d ago

and many patches to come :)

zagibu3247d ago

Also: a bucketload of marketing crap.

Capt CHAOS3248d ago

So they can sell Windows 9 straight after..

Say all the Vista owners..

gta_cb3247d ago

hating all the time.

I remember when Windows XP FIRST came out, it was as unstable as Vista was when it first came out. Sure Vista isnt as good for gaming as XP is, but then thats obviously going to be the case if Windows uses more memory etc to run.

Windows Vista SP1 IS completely fine and stable, i am running it on my laptop and running Windows 7 on my desktop, i will upgrade my laptop (for free cos of purchase date) but thats because i like some of the new features on windows 7, but i would be happy to stay with vista if i wasnt able to upgrade.


qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Windows 7 was my last Microsoft purchase, I cannot believe their charging people for this stuff. Read on and you'll understand why...

I've used Vista for quite some time now, my full tower and laptop were both Vista 64bit with service pack 2 installed. At first there were some minor issue with Steam and the Zune software.

Fast forward and here I am running Windows 7 64bit... the result? Aesthetically indifferent with a few minor tweaks. Don't get me wrong, 7 does fix some issues, both apparent and unknown, the fact is, Windows 7 IS Windows Vista. Charging Vista users for an *upgrade* is a slap in the face.

kaveti66163248d ago

Some people feel quite the opposite about it. I personally won't buy Windows 7 or Windows Vista because I am quite happy with XP. Other people have expressed quite vehemently that Windows 7 is awesome and is much better than Vista and is not the same as Vista. Since you are saying now that 7 is Vista with a few tweaks, I don't know who to believe. A lot of critics have given Windows 7 higher scores, and though that doesn't immediately sway my opinion (because I think MS could pay them), even the guy who made Linux says he likes it.

gta_cb3247d ago

Microsoft isnt the only company charging for "upgrades" I pay for my iPod Touch to be upgraded now and again, and i am pretty sure mac users have to pay about £100 every other year for upgrades, right? (i know it USE to be the case at least)

GiantEnemyCrab3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

If u can't see the night and day differences in Vista and Windows 7 you need to stop talking about things you know nothing about. Stability and legacy app support are 2 big ones for me.

Nihilism3248d ago

what the hell is wrong with you, you automatically praise anything microsoft related. I use MS OS's, but that's no reason to get down and suck it

gta_cb3247d ago

whats wrong with you? why cant someone want a new product to come out with improvements? hes not even saying that the new product is going to be good, he could be wanting it to come out just to see if microsoft embarrass themselves again like with Vista when it first came out.


darkequitus3248d ago

I have windows 7 installed on all my PCs now, it is that good. I even replaced XP on my netbook.

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The story is too old to be commented.