Alienware Computers Pre-Loaded With Steam and Portal

Computer manufacturer - Alienware, famous for their hardcore gaming PC's will be now pre-loading Steam and popular game - Portal on all of their computers. Steam is normally free and portal normally costs around $20.

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Madusha3248d ago

That is so awesome, I hope to see more free stuff like this offered on PC's. I love alienware :D

Nihilism3248d ago

considering that an alienware easily costs double the cost of an identical custom pc, you'd expect more than a $10 game to come with it.

toaster3248d ago

My last Alienware PC was not what I expected. I'd rather build one myself for cheaper and usually have better performance.

GamerPS3603248d ago

alienware = overprice big time.

If you don't know how to put it together or which parts to buy, then hire someone. Give him/her $100 to help you out. You will be saving saving loads of money.

PS3PCFTW3247d ago

the premium you pay for the logo will never be justified.

i build my own rig and it destroys my friends top of the line alienware desktop.

I enjoy building it myself. i can build a STABLE overclocked watercoooled unit that will run circles around alienware's best offering at about half the price of what alienware charges.

on the other hand, theres always suckers that will be parted with their money quite easily.

xTruthx3247d ago

I have bought alienware's and they are worth it, while my friends bought dell and toshiba, mine was 1 year old and it never had probs wile theirs got slower and began to have probs. I have a 5 year old one that still works like new. You really get what you pay for with them. I also build PC's, even costing 600 bucks less, ill rather buy Alienware IF I have the $ at the moment.

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champ213248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

alienware is really overpriced.

one of the companies responsible for giving pc gaming a bad image.

anyone could make a pc that out does alienware's best for roughtly a 1/3rd the price.

i could make a rig for 1500usd.. that would give alienwars 4000+usd system a run for its money.

Cosquae3248d ago

They're expensive, no question. But overpriced depends on what you're after.

A Ferrari is really expensive, maybe even overpriced... but do I still want one? Hell yes. There are cheaper performance cars out there that cost a lot less, but I still want one. It adds a certain cache. If I see someone with an alienware pc or laptop, I know they're into gaming.

I have an Alienware laptop for gaming (since a desktop is not a viable proposition in my situation) and I love it. It was expensive, but I couldn't 'make' a laptop for cheaper by buying component parts (unlike a desktop)

GamerPS3603248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

asus got laptop that beats alienware in all three category. Price, Performance and build quality.
And, people need to quit giving example of Ferrari. If I can build a car that is as fast as ferrari with better build quality and less price, guess what, I go all custom.

Farsendor13248d ago

well dell owns alienware so of course they are going to be over priced.

ThePostalDudeX3248d ago

"Hardcore gaming pc's" Please! You mean hardcore overpricing with lacking performance when compared to a custom rig.

Vip3r3247d ago

Customs rigs ftw!

Only rich, spoilt noobs buy alienware PCs.