Report: Wii bubble is 'deflating', game quality is in 'downward spiral'

Devs and analysts alike are expressing serious reservations about Nintendo's Wii this Christmas holiday season.

A leading US games industry analyst has claimed that the Nintendo Wii bubble is "deflating" and that Sony's PS3 is set to dominate game hardware sales this Christmas.

Doug Creutz said: "While we believe the Wii is likely to be a drag on overall software sales through the holiday, the impact should be limited to those publishers which have invested significantly in Wii development, with the biggest negative impact likely to be felt by Electronic Arts, which (unwisely in our view) heavily invested in Wii development for [calendar 2009]."

Meanwhile, developer Blue Fang's chief operating officer Scott Triola said: "There's a circular argument going around in the industry. There's a low tie ratio on the Wii platform therefore it's not worth investment, therefore we'll just put out a bunch of low quality titles.

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VonAlbrecht3346d ago

"Sir, the Wiitrain is losing power!"

"What!? Shovel more sh`tware into the sh`tengines, that'll speed us right up!"

"Aye aye!"

Brilliant logic, gentlemen.

sikbeta3346d ago

I said this from the beginning, wii as a Console is not going anywhere!!!!

-"but the control iz tha coolezt"

Seriously, wii is just stuck and don't bring anything new to the table

ZoidsRaven3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Tell me, did you even read this article, or only just the title? 7-7 Seems like it.

Really sad, but it's what I'd expect from you.

2009 isn't over yet, so just wait.

Who's next to fall for such bait? Ape007?

mint royale3346d ago

Of course he didn't read the article.

I wonder what so called analysists will say when the wii outsells the ps3 and 360 this christmas?

Seriously this trash journalism is trash. The ps3 endured alot of crap written about it now it seems to be the wii's turn.

But guess what, just like the ps3 was always fine so is the wii. Its the fastest selling console of all time still and people like Sikbeta are still saying it won't go anywhere? Seriously?

Tempist3346d ago

Nay good people. We have forgotten that the Wii didn't stand much of a chance when kids grow up faster than ever before. The Wii has done a lot, but it's never done much else aside from what nintendo has done for it and it shows.

They marketed the thing to everyone and everyone is content with a handful of games that are similar to the other handful of games you can get. There are some turdblossoms, but other than that, the Wii is a pile of dung.

On another note, why did Nintendo just revamp the DSi in less than a year?

sikbeta3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Don't get SO mad guys!!!

Your wii is The Best, only because its sells a lot, but how benefit you teh sales of the wii?

"the fastest selling console of all time"

That kind of logic not sound really well, at lest if you aren't a Nintendo shareholder

So if apply that logic on the PS3, the console is not good because it not sell like the wii? I think gaming is more than teh salez

I'm so happy about that (?), but I need games not consoles salez, sorry

I played in the Ness/Sness/N64/Gamecube, but the wii as a gamer don't give me anything, more Mario, Link and Samus is not a large variety, you know

I'm not downplaying teh salez of the wii, don't feel attacked by that, I can't even think about that, just I want more games than:

Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart Double Dash (GC)
Mario Kart wii

Super Metroid
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2
Metroid Prime Conviction? (don't remember the name)

Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros Melee
Super Smash Bros Brawl

Mario Bros
Mario Bros 2
Mario Bros 3
Mario Sunshine
Mario Galaxy

The legend of Zelda
The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
The legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
The legend of Zelda....I don't remember lol

I know what I'm talking about guys, don't think I only play teh shooterz

mint royale3346d ago

Okay Sikbeta I get you bu how about you actually look at the games on the wii. Sure it has a load of crap but so did the ps2, its what comes with being market leader. I'm not saying it has more awesome games than its rivals but there are a hell of alot more awesome games than you probably think. If you think its just mario/zelda/metroid then your really wrong. No offence, just have a look.

sikbeta3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I wasn't a PS2 lover in the time, hell sometimes I was really mad buying a game that turned to be CRAP, Beat Down Comes to my mind, ahh!!! I really hate that game, Is obvious that wii has some good games, but last gen GC impressed me with so little, the RE series and MGS remake (kind of), actually I bought the Capcom 5 games (4 not 5 games, never listen about the fifth game), I liked PN03 even if it was smacked by reviews, the same goes for killer 7

Then I was So Damn Happy with RE4, I played that game like 100 times on GC, then it comes out for PS2, even with the gimped graphics the additions were really good and Vietiful joe was so much fun, as I said those games were awesome and don't need the Mario Face everywhere

N4g_null3346d ago


hmm you seem to be a real gamer. Yet you have to look past the crap know your favorite niches and keep tabs on them.

I'm an old school arcade like gamer so I love stuff like ikaruga and einhander. Veiwtiful had great game play too. Yet you have to understand some thing. Nintendo only puts out games when they are ready and lots of QA happens on their 1st party games. Yes you get lots of Mario this and that yet other wise you would get soccer, tennis, and more generic wii sports like games. Nintendo use to just call these games what ever. If you notice the wii play fit and resorts have no Mario in them at all. As much as you may hate to see a mascot people love it yet ms and Sony can not be bothered.

As a hardcore gamer we all look to each 1st party for one or two great games but really 3rd party is where the heat comes from and as long as capcom is on the wii along with a few others I'm happy. You can't let the constant wii trolling and flame bait get to you also the stores are not helping since you can not even find half of the games I own on the shelf any more.

Maybe nintendo should buy shelf space for hardcore games to limit the sale of crap ware which is pretty big like ps2 big. Yet there is no mgs or gtas to make people stop over stocking the shovelware. Seriously if a game gets below a certain review score it should be ported to wii ware only.

What is sad is a dev like blue fang needs higher quality games period. I must repeat crap games do not sale and they hurt your company image in the eyes of the gamers.

Nintendo should also bring back the edgy side of them by producing two sides of the company. One where they are for every one and one where you can get all of the resources needed to get your hardcore gaming on.

Sarcasm3346d ago

Nobody can deny that there are good games on the Wii. At the same time, how can anyone turn a blind eye to the 85% of crappy games on the system.

Needless to say, that's why the Mario and Zelda games sell so well because most of the time they're actually good and it's a safe purchase for anyone.

N4g_null3343d ago

no one can deny bad games come out on the hd market. Do you think all those metal gaers, halos and gtas trade in are from people that enjoyed these hyped games nope.

If you talk to a ps owner there has only been around six games worth buying and keeping. An xbox gamers has like five. If you actualy own a wii then there are more than twenty games you should own.

Hd consoles simply just don't cut it for console gaming.

Another thing is you are getting closer to a one console generation thanks to hd gaming which clearly is not for console gaming.

jeseth3341d ago

It is a fact that Nintendo Wii has the lowest average Metacritic game score of the 3 consoles this gen.

It also has the highest percentage of games rating below a 60.

And as for your statement about having teh most "Must Have Games" many GOTY winners does Wii have since its inception???


Practically all the highest critically rated games are on PS3/360 and that is fact. As a fun exercise lets list all the incredible games that AREN'T on Wii this year . . .

Killzone 2
Forza 3
Uncharted 2
Batman : AA
Ratchet & Clank ACIT
Demons Souls
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Dragon Age : Origins

In Fact, Wii has only 73 games rated above 80% out of its HUGE library while PS3 has 141 games rated over 80% and it has a considerably smaller library.

Get off your Wii soap box because the Wii is a novelty that has worn off. It has been exposed for the junk it is.

Check it out for yourself:

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Mindboggle3346d ago

The only decent games on the Wii are the ones made by nintendo.

Nintendo still make awesome games. Practically every game theyve made on the wii has been outstanding. (Apart from wii fit, but hey they dont care, it sold millions)

Jdoki3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Right now, there's not enough good games on the Wii to justify ownership. I bought the Wii on Day 1, as I have always supported Nintendo consoles.

But the GameCube, N64 and SNES were way better.

It's sad that just as Nintendo get back on top, their games have reached a low point. Even the 1st party titles have not been up to past standards (Mario Galaxy is not as good as Mario 64. Mario Kart Wii is not as good as on the N64 or SNES. Smash Bros on Wii is no better than on Gamecube. Zelda Twilight was a poor and boring game that just looked worse when compared next to OoT or Majora's and so on).

asdr3wsfas3346d ago

"It's sad that just as Nintendo get back on top, their games have reached a low point. Even the 1st party titles have not been up to past standards (Mario Galaxy is not as good as Mario 64. Mario Kart Wii is not as good as on the N64 or SNES. Smash Bros on Wii is no better than on Gamecube. Zelda Twilight was a poor and boring game that just looked worse when compared next to OoT or Majora's and so on)."

I didn't like Mario 64, SMG is my favorite game ever, my mario obsessed friend agrees.

Mario Kart Wii has steering controls. That alone makes it more enjoyable.

New Super Mario Bros Wii is the best 2d Mario ever, again my Mario obsessed friends agree (we just got all star coins to fully unlock world 9).

Metroid is awesome with a wiimote - I don't play FPS on dual analog.

I didn't like Twilight Princess, agree there. Smash bros is meh for me, I like fighting games like SF.

Wario Ware is one of the best platformers I've ever played. From someone who got to 10 feet songs in DDR I like wii music much better.

I haven't played consoles this heavy since SNES, I love the wii. N64 was alright, but GC not my thing at all. If you like 2d games this is the first system since SNES to compare.

Jdoki3346d ago

That's cool oobob. Enjoy your Wii gaming.

The great thing about gaming is that everyone can find something to enjoy. I guess the Wii just isn't for me! :)

asdr3wsfas3346d ago

Agreed =D If you like ps3 or xbox more power to ya! The ps3 stole me from the wii with demon's souls but I just got Mario and I love it!

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