Gran Turismo 5 "Special Edition" on Amazon

A very interesting new product was just added to Amazon's French site...

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Madusha3248d ago

Sweet, hope there's something amazing inside that box. When they've spent over 4 years on the game, it must be something amazing.

RememberThe3573248d ago

I'm sure they're a ton of behind the scenes videos and stuff like that. I don't expect it being anymore then your regular special edition, except for it will probably be more interesting to me.

Madusha3248d ago

What I mean is with 4 years of experience around the game, they must know enough to pull together an amazing bundle.

PS3PCFTW3248d ago

u mean besides photorealistic graphics, close to real life physics, and the DEFINITIVE racing experience with weather and actual collision deformation this generation?

Perfection, Digitized.

PD has never let me down

theEnemy3248d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Special Edition
God of War III : Ultimate Edition
Bioshock 2 : Special Edition

There goes my $300..and I need 1 more SE for march 2010. Any suggestions ?

FarEastOrient3248d ago

Ding! I'm getting this... (my poor wallet)

Final Fantasy XIII is also March.

What we need more of is... time.

Automat3247d ago

Heavy Rain ? (not confirmed ) ;)

Theonik3247d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Special Edition. Not really a special edition but it is limited in stock.

Sangria3248d ago

You shouldn't trust merchant website too much, especially when they are as general as Amazon. Many rumors started with a game listing or a release date in a merchant website, and many rumors died in the same way.

According to, Left 4 Dead is coming soon on PS3 (while we all know Valve's opinion of PS3), Metal Gear Solid Rising is for a 360 exclusive, Alan Wake has been canceled on PC but is still available to preorder on PC and 360, etc...

Retailers' games lists change everyday, prices and dates as well, some informations are purely speculative, others are confirmed by the publisher. I don't doubt there will be a collector edition of Gran Turismo 5, fans have been waiting for the game since so long Sony can't close the eyes on this potential profit, but people shouldn't trust a simple page with no information, no boxart, no confirmation.


This will probably be the first SE game I ever buy because no other SE game is worth it.

I wanna see what Yamauchi and his team went through making this game.

nix3248d ago

you mean "Polyphony", i think.

Chuck Norris3248d ago

In this case: SE = Special Edition

DarkMantrid3248d ago

Sorry about that disagree, didn't really think that through. I thought you meant Square Enix.

nycredude3247d ago

I am getting th GOW3 SE. Playing through gow 1 and 2 collection and you just KNOW Gow3 will be a beast!

Morituri3247d ago

They had to endure a whole lot of trash talk from a competing company that in the end could not deliver the goods as promised.

Wait till the real king of racres drops.

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Alan Wake3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

ppl still waiting this game for 6 years (old crap game)


and finaly Froza 3 win on racing war

PlayStation X3248d ago

forza 3 sold like sh1t tho
sales > gameplay


Narutone663248d ago

you have no other game to play. Troll harder, you're not convincing enough. You must be pp's other account. Two bubbles left, time to open another account.

IRetrouk3247d ago

We have all played forza 3 now mate, we know that most of it was lies and fake screenshots, not to mention the physics are utter crap, its a good game but a GT beater? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

IRetrouk3247d ago

more like 3 and a half years mate, check your facts, and by the way how long has alan wake been getting developed? in fact what console did it start its life on, do you know the answer? the original xbox thats right, so tell me why the hypocrasy?

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