Marc Rodgers from SCEA Podcast regarding Socom:confrontation DLC & 1.60 patch

Interview with Mark Rogers, Senior SCEA Producer for Socom Confrontation regarding the new content and 1.60 patch.

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Ma1nframe3254d ago

Slant 6 screwed us Die Hard SOCOM fans. Hope they go bankrupt. Their game was / is a DISASTER!!!!!

Raoh3254d ago

I load it up and just cant do it.. i'm still having issues with the button mapping, the weapon wheel etc.. it just feels off still to me

i want to give it another try but i have to set my mind to do it.. i cant just load it up casually...

what also sucks is i have a new ps3 for the living room where i will be playing my multiplayer games.. which means even before i decide i have to first download all those patches.. what is that about 2 or 3 gb's of patches?

but when i'm not mad, i come to my senses and i dont blame slant 6 entirely.. i blame sony.. even if you like confrontation.. you have to admit.. sony did not give the socom franchise the budget and care it deserved/deserves

socom WAS their online killer app and they dropped the ball on it..

Alcohog3254d ago

Umm, do you have it? Its actually one of the best multiplayer only games this generation. I've played more SOCOM Confrontation than any game in my library. GTFO.

ExposingLames3254d ago

you would understand where hes coming from if you played the REAL socom games

xIx-GamEOveR-xIx3234d ago

Dude are you blind/stupid or both?You obviously have no idea what a good socom game is about,so from your comment means your a nub to the socom world period!Its guys like you that give bogus replys that this games awesom,and just the best out there...are you kidding?Slant and sony both knows this game was garbage from the get go..

Yet you make them feel like they achieved greatness,so cause of you the game will just continue to suck cause you will settle for just less than half butt!

Neways dude you seriously need to get a grip cause this is by far thee worst socom ever produced!!Lmao dude your lame why dont you gtfo seriously cause everything you saidd is just like slant "GARBAGE"!!

ExposingLames3254d ago

also this podcast was a joke, info the hardcore fans already knew same stuff different day...following right in slant six's footsteps, over promising and under delivering.....i just cant wait for the rumored S4 by Zipper, i know they have had their failures also, but ANY developer would be better than Slant Six (literally worst developer to EVER make a game)