Rumor Roundup: Upcoming PS3 Games

PS3Informer writes: "Here are a few things I have heard are on their way to us and they sound real hot, damn hot."

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swingingape3339d ago

Well the rumor of the updated SFIV was confirmed a few months ago. Hope the other rumors come true too.

RememberThe3573339d ago

Seems like a holiday 2011 title to me. I could defiantly see everything else happening though.

sinncross3338d ago

I think there is more chance of Killzone Liberation 2 for PSP in 2010 with killzone 3 for 2011.

TOO PAWNED3338d ago

this article was created just to get hits, there is nothing here, other then collecting recent rumors and putting them into one article with personal spin as spice.
It fails, nothing new here

DaTruth3338d ago

Killzone 2 was ready for a fall 2008 release, but they didn't want to mess up R2(reason why Insomniac loves Sony). So it only makes sense that the next one would be ready 2 years later and R3 will get the shaft this time!

cmrbe3338d ago

Winter 2010 for R3 and Spring or summer 2011 for KZ3. Thats my guess. I think KZ3 might be a summer 2011 game. This will give more time for polish and it might be better financially to launch this game during summer rather than spring.

ico923338d ago

im really hyped for resistance 3 i've heard rumors that it might be co-op based similar to the co-op in resistance 2 and we all know how awesome that was

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-Alpha3339d ago

Don't care for Cheap Fighter IV-- milkage game.

Dead Space 2 Online sounds interesting but single player horror games are usually scarier.

Killzone 3 for 2010 sounds great-- but it needs to be late 2010 with early 2010 going towards supporting Killzone 2 some more. There are still some things that need fixing/tuning. I wouldn't mind Killzone 3 for 2010 December, but certainly not anytime between the Q1-Q3.

I don't like Resistance, but I know it has its fans and for good reason too. I really want to get into this game but they need to make a few core gameplay changes before I can get into it. But R3 for 2010 sounds about right-- R3 for early 2010 and K3 for late 2010 sounds great-- but I also want a new Insomniac game sometime in 2010.

Hopefully Dante's Inferno does good. Any game deserves to be good because more better games= more experiences for me to enjoy. It's sad though that just because it shares similarities with God of War that fanboys have to automatically dismiss DI and doom it to fail. Sheer ignorance and close mindedness at its best. Regardless, I am sure God of War will be the more epic game, but good luck to DI.

tinman_licks3338d ago

You must not play SFIV. It is pure awesome. Can't wait for the roster update. It's like being back at the arcades in the 90s and seeing a new SF game come out every week.

LordMarius3339d ago

I dont want Killzone 3 unless it comes out with vehicles, split-screen, co-op, other than I will continue with KZ2

RememberThe3573339d ago

Although I am all for online co-op, all I want from Killzone 3 is better story telling and a more tuned online experience. Killzone 2 is like Chevy's new Camero; it has a tone of raw power, but really needs proper tuning to really get the full available experience.

nycredude3338d ago


While we are at why don't we just ask the developer to develop Killzone 3 to also make a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich also.

boss_killa3339d ago

i hope guerrilla doesnt rush killzone 3. kz2 just came out. still playing it a lil bit.

i want them to take their time. i hope they tweak the controls a bit so its not so sluggish. they could learn a thing or two from battlefield on how to give a game weight but not have it be too sluggish.

i'd also like to see some mechs, tanks, helicopters etc in multiplayer. that would be awesome. then they could actually justify having a rocket launcher.

ViciousBoston3338d ago

Personally I liked the weighty controls of Killzone 2. I honestly thought it was what it should be. It felt natural. You have tons of armor and equipment to carry plus you're on another planet the gravity level is different than Vekta. It felt good.

What I didn't like is how you felt so short. I just think the char models need a size adjustment. I honestly felt like I was a dwarf from Dragon Age:Origins.

Sidenote: I would like to see these sequels (Resistancce, Killzone) wait til 2011. Let this year be about God of War, Gran Turismo, Heavy Rain, Modnation Racers, and whatever else comes the way. I'd like 2011 to be packed with Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Agent,
inFamous 2, Uncharted 3/Jak and Daxter, ect.

DaTruth3338d ago

That short thing was kinda ridiculous! I'm not sure what they were thinking there.

rbluetank3338d ago

i have spent many of K2 matches in my own base throughout the entire round. people were blowing up our turret guns or shooting me from right next to the turret guns meant to protect you from campers. the game is fun but it has some gameplay flaws. i hope K3 maps are bigger and has vehicle. they need a new type of defense against campers. i can not wait for R3. this is my favorite game...

FYI battlefield 2 beta is fun as hell.

DaTruth3338d ago

They had a defense against spawn campers; It was called the pre-patch, 2 second spawn invincibility. I can't imagine why they would take it out.

I remember you could kill a few guys in those seconds of invincibility after spawning, but that was just incentive not to camp the spawn site!

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