2 Days 2 Vegas vs. GTA IV Visual Comparison

The Grand Theft Auto titles have been considered to be some of the best sandbox games yet. GTA3 on PlayStation 2 set the standard for free roaming in a large world, with guns, whores, fast cars, wild missions and a storyline.

Saint's Row put up a good fight when it was released on Xbox 360 last year, but other than that, very little has challenged Rockstar's throne.

Now GTA IV is on the horizon, and we have a new challenger. 2 Days 2 Vegas is due early 2008, and one of the developer's goals is to make it even more immersive than GTA.

Unfortunately, little is known about either title. But here is a screenshot comparison. As you'll see below, 2 Days 2 Vegas is a more than worthy competitor...

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Rockstar4153d ago

It seems as though I've seen these comparison screen shots a while back, if I remember correctly.

Anybody else remember these?

drtysouf214153d ago

2 Days 2 Vegas has better screenshots.

closedxxx4153d ago

If we're just judging screenshots, the winner is clearly 2 days 2 Vegas.
The overall better game could still easily be GTA.
Traditionally, GTA has never had the cutting edge graphics. Games like God of War made GTA: San Andreas look like a beta version with its flat color pallette, and lack of detail and lighting effects.

Legionaire20054153d ago

They have no idea how realistic GTA 4 is going to be. 2 days from New York to Vegas sounds linear don't you think? Read the link from NoUseMerc 7# and you will see what I am talking about when I say 2 days. GTA already prove itself from True Crimes, Saint Rows, Crackdown, and soon 2 days 2 Vegas. GTA is the King of Sandbox games!!!!

Coffin874153d ago

yeah i think your right with this point.
it doesn't matter at all how detailed the textures are - gta iv will live up to its hype (that isn't in full swing yet), just as every gta title lives up to its reputation.

yet another unworthy competitor.

nobizlikesnowbiz4153d ago

I hate Bill Gates. What a douche.

Celebrity deathmatch- Kuturagi vs. Gates - Gates wins by plasma stick.

ShiftyLookingCow4153d ago

Bill Gates is like an annoying mosquito that needs to be squashed on the wall or something

nirwanda4153d ago

GTA 4 is all in game and from what Ive seen from the trailer/tech demo is pretty dam impressive for a large sandbox game but for all i know the 2 day to vegas stuff could just be target renders like the killzone trailer until i see something like a tech demo or gameplay footage I'd wait until you start comparing them

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The story is too old to be commented.