A clean batch of new Final Fantasy XIII images

PSUni writes "If you're like me, you probably still haven't had your fill of Final Fantasy XIII screenshots, right? I know that my love for the FF franchise knows no bounds. Because of that, we're happy to bring you tons of new screens for you to check out! As always, these screenshots are uploaded to our gallery and can be viewed in maximum resolution if you click on them."

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MajorLs3247d ago

These are just screengrabs from the latest/final trailer?

Screens do look great...however it looks soooo much better in motion.

Loving the new characters introduced as well.

Badass female.
Noctis aka Cid (Guy with the black hair)
Aragon aka brown haired guy

Finally the evil looking old pope emperor guy!

mrb3ar3247d ago

the title makes me think of muffins

techie3247d ago

I want to see the unclean batch >_<