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Saaking3253d ago

It'll never be the game it should have been, but at least it looks kinda good. I can't wait for FFvsXIII though.

Vivi3253d ago

OMG that was amazing! The last section is so stunning.

Much better quality link on the official site.

Under the trailers tab choose 4 and it's choose the smaller stream so it doesn't lag.

Madusha3253d ago

Looks awesome ; ) can;t wait

nbsmatambo3253d ago

this might b the first RPG i get =o

iamtehpwn3253d ago

While it probably was downscaled in more so to Fit Xbox360, The Final Fantasy Quality is still there 100%. The game still looks very beautiful to me so don't complain too much. I can't wait to play this on my Ps3.

presto7173253d ago

I think its cuz I've been seeing mostly CGI

MAiKU3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Hopefully the 360 version will not have this destroyed or held it back further for western release.

You know everyone will BLAME the 360 if it gets held back, doesn't perform well, doesn't live up to the hype in any way, or.... should i say it...... too short?


I dunno why someone disagreed, people are already playing the blaming game here.

DevastationEve3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

You're right Saaking, it could've been much better if not for PS3's poor memory resources and old graphics chip :\

Come on dude, just leave it be. Final Fantasy XIII is exactly as it should be given what these consoles can do. In fact I'm pretty sure they've gotten more out of both consoles than some of the great exclusives on either side, including Uncharted 2.

(are you guys kidding me when you say UC2 has insane graphics? i played it at the best buy i work at and saw nothing in particular that looked all that 2 pennies)


sir...the TV i played it on probably costs a lot more than you think, i didn't play it on a kiosk. and yes, i'm judging a GAME by how it looked when i PLAYED it. makes sense i hope...or do i judge it by how many times it flips in the air when i toss it?

you sir looked even more pathetic. there's my cool million, b1tch.

edit 2:

this is actually supposed to be all about ff xiii here. you're trying to blame 360 for how ff xiii will look in the end, when in truth both console games are built off their initial work on the pc. 360 didn't hold ps3 back, what you've seen before in the 2005-2006 trailers are cgi movies and work that they've done on pc, that's why when we finally got to see real gameplay that you noticed a drop in quality. not because 360 held ps3 back but because they finally decided to show what they can get running in realtime.

MAiKU3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

You have no idea how much ignorance you just let on there. you based a game's performance from your little play session at a best buy? Really? Really now?

And after that i have a hard time believing you're in the slightest bit into knowing about memory resources, graphics parts, or even how the system processes the data to make these work together.

There's my 100 bucks.

Hahahaha! yeah that's right, your best buy is the one with the up to date tv with HDMI and 1080p and that's cleaned and taken care by the employees each day, yep yep! Crap man i said you based a game's performance by a play session at a best buy. hahaha oh geez, just nevermind. you get no money.

Really now? The profanity is kinda predictable but i liked how you used an exclamation point, it's cute. i bet you're proud of that.

kalebgray923253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

the black hair guy... btw.... im preordering tomorrow ..... the ending is crazy looking ... jap voice eng sub for me on ps3

iamtehpwn3253d ago

I think it'll be good game, I'm not worry because this was a Ps3 exclusive start then ported, so the PS3 version isn't going to suffer unless they compress CGI/Textures JUST To match the 360 version, or cut content JUST so there isn't a 4th disc on the Xbox360 version.

kaveti66163253d ago

When will the real time gameplay look as good as the CGI cutscenes? That's what I wanna know. But even despite that, the game looks really good. Saaking, don't fuss so much about the graphics on this one, because you still got FFVersusXIII. When that game comes out, you will have an entire month to show comparison shots and talk about how Xbox 360 ruined the history of gaming.

Homicide3253d ago

If this was a PS3 exclusive, the gameplay graphics would have surpassed the CGI cutscenes.

jalen2473253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

If you can't see what's so visually stunning about Uncharted 2 then you need to get your eyes checked because Uncharted 2 looks so good that if you can't notice it then you might really have vision problems. Lol. But serious if you don't see the big deal about uncharted 2, which games would you consider graphical marvels? I love graphics and I play close attention to graphics in games. Of all the released games that I have seen on consoles...Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are on the top of the heap by a healthy margin. And from what I have seen of Heavy Rain and God of War III, they look to surpass or join Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 at the top.

MAiKU3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

You know what... that guy really does look like Noctis... 0_0


-If you're so bent on being on topic here please don't don't mention another game in the first place.

-And when i used the words held back, i was referring to the release date.

-And when i said performed poorly i was making a comment about not being able to push the system to it's limits because they are now developing for TWO SYSTEMS. So if fans see that, they will blame the 360.

-What's all this CG movie to gameplay crap you're talking about, i never mentioned that. Nor the cross comparison between the PC development tool's portrayal of these to that of the console's. I never mentioned any of that. *reads comment* nope i didn't.

-Oh i see you used a "1" this time instead of "!"

DevastationEve3253d ago

Well since you asked in a civilized way I do appreciate that and I'll answer.

I'm not trying to discredit Uncharted 2 as being a great game. But from what I've seen its graphics aren't exactly anything that hasn't been done before. If you're honest you can say that it does have blurry textures here and there, and that it does look jagged. Those don't take away from it being a great game, it's just that I'm sick and tired of hearing that Uncharted 2's graphics are untouchable when in reality they're not all that much better than what we've already gotten in the current gen.

The graphics are great but not as omnipotent as fanboys are trying to push in people's faces.

Alvadr3253d ago

Such a shame that EU/NA are not getting that song

MAiKU3253d ago

Ugh tell me about. They could have done an english version of the song but noooo... they went with some chick i've never heard of before and a song that has a tune and lyrics that don't really match the game's tone.

reneki3253d ago

i hate them for not putting that song in there, i really do.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

ApocalyPS3 played Uncharted 2 while blindfolded!

Or maybe he's such a huge fanboy that the fanboyism affected his vision or something. lol
That's the only explanation, seriously.

I am very picky with graphics in games and even I was really impressed by Uncharted 2 graphics. They are so beautiful that on each stage I just kept wandering around after I killed a every enemy just enjoying the environment. But with FFXIII I'm not that impressed because it's all CGI man...

Wanna see in-game graphics of FFXIII? : http://www.playstationunive... on par with:

FFXIII graphically on par with Uncharted 2? Not even close.

Willio3253d ago

Leonda Lewis is singing the English version theme song. She is actually more famous than the Jpop star. She sung in the Olympics. If that doesnt help, think Beyonce but from England AND better looking. =)

BYE3253d ago

Better looking than Beyonce? Are you serious?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

not bad but......mass effect 2 rapes this.

you see the advantages of when an RPG is 360 lead, you get quality work right there.

and ps3 gamers know mass effect 2 is the best looking RPG title out there.

....if they didn't acknowledged it as such they wouldn't be posting rumors about it and whining as they get knocked down, lolz.

and dissing on FF13 isn't going make it look any's going to make Mass effect2 look better :)

foxtheory3252d ago

Mass Effect 2 is one of my most anticipated games next year, but the BEST looking RPG out there? Sure, the graphics are good, the story is amazing, and the gameplay looks spot on, but it's still not the BEST looking RPG out there. FF13 looks just as good if not better. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay is deep, and the story looks and sounds interesting. Mass Effect 2 certainly doesn't "rape" FF13, or any big-name RPG for that matter.

"you see the advantages of when an RPG is 360 lead, you get quality work right there"

Don't be so ignorant. If Bio wanted to make ME2 for the PS3, it would turn out the same.

badz1493252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

look, there's no footprints or whatsoever when Lightning is running on the snow! and what's she wearing? won't she got cold with that outfit in snowy environment like that? /s

the trailer is great but the amount of CGI outnumbered the actual gameplay! more gameplay video please!


"you see the advantages of when an RPG is 360 lead, you get quality work right there."

yeah, Dragon Age Origins looks so real! /s

from the all the videos of ME2 that I've seen, the problem lies on the stupid AIs which most of the time will only walk towards you while letting you (in cover) shoot them as much as you like! that's so groundbreaking! /s

DaTruth3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

All we heard was Lost Planet 2 will rape Killzone2! After release, very underwhelming and not even in the same solar system as Killzone2.

Now it's Mass Effect 1.5!

Please stop using unreleased games that will simply get you owned upon release for graphical comparisons! You guys always let the PC screenshots get you owned!

TapiocaMilkTea3252d ago

That black hair guy does resemble a lot like the guy in FF13vs, they must be the same person, or reincarnation and such.'s going to have an awesome over complicated plot(as with all the previous FF)

MGSR THE HD VERSION3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

ps3 gamers are in denial once again.

ok what does this tell everyone.

"It'll never be the game it should have been, but at least it looks kinda good.


you guys have done enough criticisms as it is......and now what, you're going to say "oh no it's graphics are unmatched"

lolz, hypocrites.

if it looked better than mass effect2 you guy's comment wouldn't be so damn sour :)

i got plenty of proof now to use, two years worth of complaints.

you guys hate ff13 cause it's multiplat but at same time you guys want mass effect2 so's cause it's 360 lead, lolz.

Willio3252d ago

If you consider choppy framerate issues and poor driving mechanics in a WRPG to be the best RPG, then yah go ahead. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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Skyreno3253d ago

when final fantasy 13 finally released japan, mext month suppoedly they show trailer or pictures of final fantasy versus 13

abc12333252d ago

omg i seriously hope so. Can't believe that they've been developing VS13 all these years and are still at such an early stage of development. Its must be one hell of a game and if it becomes multi plat too, it'll be a waste.

Saaking3253d ago

Nah, it's a different guy

3253d ago
maruchan27six3252d ago

The guy is FFXIII's Cid.Well I guess Nomura intentionally make Noctis and Cid look similar.

life doomer3253d ago

I'm not sure that's him, or is it?

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