Vizio 50 inch VP50HDTV Review

Cnet recently reviewed Vizio's new 50 inch HDTV. This television quite good for the money, and its native resolution is 1,366x768, and has two HDMI inputs. Unfortunetly with the low price, it comes some bad issues.

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snoop_dizzle4153d ago

I have never been that big on vizio, for me,i would rather get a 42inch tv with better image quality for the same price.

DixieNormS4153d ago

42"Tv is quite enough anyways. I sit a good 15 feet away from my 42inch Samsung and it looks great. Yesterday I had a system lynk party at my house and had to move a couple things around. Which had me sitting only 8 feet from my TV. It was too damn close. So I had to back up to my normal 15. The Moral of the story is Too big is not always the solution. So I will go with Znoop on this and just pay the same amount for a smaller but better quality t.v. Unless ofcourse you have the space.

Eagle Eye4153d ago

Hey can any of you guys tell me of a good 42"inch HDTV. I am not looking to spend more then $1200. It will be my first HDTV but the only three that I know I can afford are 42" vizio plasma, and the 42" LCD VIZIO, and the 42" HP plasma. Do yins know of any other t.v. I am mostly buying a set for gaming. I heard the plasma have high risk of image burning when playing games but some guy said the HP HDTV has white wash to help prevent that. What do you guys recommend.

snoop_dizzle4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

First of all plasmas are usually more expensive than lcd's. LCD's aren't that bad, in fact they are very good(response time might be slightly slower). You should go for lcd, and you'll still probably get a good price. You might have to get a slightly smaller tv though.

closedxxx4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Plasma tends to be LESS expensive than LCD.
LCD is turning out to be the superior technology thanks to no burn-in and 25 year lamp lives. Not to mention the much lighter design that produces less heat.
The biggest bonus to LCD (in my opinion) is the glare free (matte) finish of the screen. This really is a nice feature if you plan to have your TV in a room that has lights or windows.

Oh, and check out any of the Olevia Syntax LCD tv's. You won't be disappointed with the picture quality, and you can pick up a 42" for under $1000

I personally own a SAMSUNG LN S4051. I don't believe they make that model anymore, but I paid $1150 for it this past Christmas. It's a 40" lcd tv w/ 3000:1 contrast and 720p native resolution

snoop_dizzle4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

But remember, plasmas if you remember(at least the high end ones, were not selling well because lcd's were much cheaper. Back then at least.

So thats probably why they are cheaper.

and yeah i like lcd's because of the antiglare screens.

But there are still nice plasmas out there like the newer pioneer elites which are redesigned plasmas. The downside, freaking expensive.

However there are extremely nice lcd's like the auqous, bravia etc.

Eagle Eye4153d ago

You think the vizio and the HP are bad buys? I guess I could get a 37 inch t.v. really wanted to get 42 in though. Any ideas?

snoop_dizzle4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

I know its kinda small but check this samsung tv out.

I have a feeling tis a little to small for you though

However rear projection tvs are pretty cheap.

But anyways i think the HP television would be better than the Vizio by far
So maybe you should go with HP.

Eagle Eye4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Yeah it looks like a good set. But yeah its a little small. But thanks for your help though. I seen a Sanyo 42 inch yesterday I think on walmart website I think it was on sale are they any good? I was looking at that 37 inch Sony Bravio too?

Well if nothing turns up maybe I'll just get the HP it has alot of good customer reviews on circuit city website.

snoop_dizzle4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

But what about this sony 46 inch rear projection tv for 1200?
you might have to go a little over 1200 and, the disadvantage with this tv is lighting of the room, and its not 1080p.

Granted there will be sales, but i wouldn't get a sayno

FadedDRFT4153d ago

The sharp 42 Inch 1080p is pretty cheap, i cant remember the name, Sorry...

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