The top 7 press launches for games

Hollywood and the music industry are well known for star-studded launches, but without the pull of celebrity to rely on, the games industry has to get a bit more "creative" when it's putting on a press event. Whether you're giving the assembled journalists a sense of the game by doing something horrible to them, letting them fire a machine gun or simply hiring some girls to prance around in spandex, the most important thing is to be memorable. And these seven events GamesRadar writers attended certainly managed that.

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Hydrolex4275d ago

Everyone just click on this because of the girls !! ahahah

TnS4275d ago

There is an even better image in the article. :)

Cartesian3D4275d ago

... :P

industry like it..Girls like its money .. boys like to watch it..

who cares its not right . I dont care too.. give me more screens

FadedDRFT4275d ago

Helloooooooo, Nice ass..... PERFECT.

Cartesian3D4275d ago

most uncomfortable!!

look at last screen.. for Call of duty 3 .. lol .