Is Modern Warfare 2 Causing RROD? A Possible COD-spiracy?

Reports have been rolling across the Gamesmen Media Desk, as of the last four days, from our small community and their friends lists. Reports about what, you say? The dreaded Red Ring of Death, of course. If the numbers multiply on a percentage basis, it would seem that Xbox360's could very well be dropping like flies. Again. What game was spooling and spinning as these unfortunate circumstances occurred? Modern Warfare 2.

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Bnet3433341d ago

Games don't cause RROD. There was a report like this a few years ago talking about Halo 3 and Forza 2 causing RROD. It happens with all these bigs games. It's because people play these games for long periods of times, as long as 12 hours, and that has the console on that long, which may cause it to overheat. There's your explanation. There is no "COD-spiracy" Give me a break.

Chubear3341d ago

Uhm but I and many others have left their PS3 on for days with no issues soooo... perhaps, in a round about way, the article is indirectly pointing to something :)

Bnet3433341d ago

This isn't about the PS3. This is about people thinking games make their 360's red ring, when it's really the person who is playing it.

Saaking3341d ago

PS3 is a LOT more reliable and stable. You don't have to limit you're gaming time like on the 360.

dirthurts3341d ago

I've been playing the crap out of MW2 on my 360...
but the PS3 is more reliable.
It's not the game causing the death though...
It's simply over use of the system.

Nikuma3341d ago

You could keep your ps3 on for a very long time and as long as you're not suffocating it, you'll have no problems. My PS3 has only been off like once in the last 6 months because I went outta town. Older 360s can't handled to much prolonged stress so yeah... certainly not the game that's killing the 360s.. just overuse. Which sucks cause I wouldn't wanna have a time limit on how long I could play my games. :P

sikbeta3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

We all know that PS3 is very reliable, but what Kigmal is saying is correct

RROD is caused by overuse, I mean by this time xbox owners have to know they can't play for a long period of time

SO, PS3 is very reliable, but has nothing to do with this article XP

C_Dub3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

finally someone who gets it.

AzaziL3340d ago

The only times my console went down was from overuse on playing the best titles.... First it was Dead Rising, then Gears of War, then GTA IV, and so on, the one thing these games have in common is that they push the 360 to it's limits, like an over-clocked PC running a game at max settings.

This is a recipe for disaster which is why the 360 has a high failure rate, especially when popular titles are released. Games that push the limits + playing them for 8-12 hours straight = RROD

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TrevorPhillips3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

My cousin bought MW2 and when he was playing it his 360 scratched his game.

But my copy hasn't seemed to cause any trouble at all.

Chubear3341d ago

... Tell us something new lol

bjornbear3341d ago

condolences to your cosine =/ no matter what console, sucks to loose a game like tht.

AngryTypingGuy3341d ago

With COD selling like it has, and hitting the mainstream like it has, there are probably a lot of people playing those older 360s that haven't used them in awhile. There are probably still a lot of those older 360s out there that are destined to break eventually.

NewZealander3341d ago

specific games cant cause this kind of thing to happen, the media is flogging a dead horse with this RROD stuff, its not 2007 any more is it?

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snake_eater3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Every and i mean every xbox will eventually fail down the road, it's inevitable.

People who bought the system prior to 2009 (non jaspers) are pretty much screwed and even jaspers are not rrod proof, for christ sake bots open your eyes your system is a failure... How can you make an investment on the 360 if you know that sooner or later it will rrod on you?

yes you can send it to repairs(to fail again several months later) but what's gonna happen when your 3 year warranty runs out?

cyborg69713340d ago

It's true my first 360 died when dling a patch for cod 3 my friends ps3 died when playing cod 3. And just last night my launch day 60gb ps3 yellowed on me last night when playing modern warfare 2. I find it hard to believe this is all coincidence.

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bjornbear3341d ago

Karma's a female dog. But I love her.