Pelican's PS2 to PS3 Controller Adapter Hands-On

One of the main complaints about PS3's backward compatibility for PS2 games is the inability to use custom PS2 controllers like the DDR dance pads and the Guitar Hero guitars. For $14.99, Pelican gives you a cheap way to get your old controllers to work with your old games on your new system.

For more information, click on the link.

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Siesser4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Guitar Hero works perfectly? Sold. Guitar Hero 2 doesn't? Taking my money back -_-. How hard is it to release a product that works as advertised? Sheesh.

Wolfgang1874567d ago

I don't know why no one brings this up, but with the 1.80 update and using the radio shack adapter linked below GH 2 works almost flawlessly. All fret buttons and tilt work they way they're supposed to, but no whammy.