iPhone: No iPod can do this...

New commercials showing main features of Apple's iPhone.

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gta_cb4751d ago

yeh looks good, maybe when if the price becomes "ok" i mite get one.

gta_cb4751d ago

this kinda reminds me of the thing that MS is doing... Surface i think its called.

ya know with the table and being able to move pics around etc.

Balance4751d ago

i am usually not a fan of apple products but that was pretty darn cool. if it takes and receives phone calls well that would be an awsome device however the price point is way high for the mass market. if it were more on par or slightly above other smart phones (the price) i would actually consider it. maybe in 6-12months after production stream lining happens they will be able to drop the price some. The interface is somewhat inovative but it doesn't have any features every other smart phone has, just that this one you use your finger instead of a stylus so basically it is a normal smart phone with a really cool UI and control concept.

Babylonian4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

that does look sweet. But the only problem is that it'll cost 600 bucks or more (don't know how much it will be in the EU), I rather buy a PS3 as I like to play games more. Still looks amazing if ask me. Apple products always look top notch.

ITR4751d ago

I'm abit more social so I would go for the phone over the PS3.

razer4751d ago

but waaay too expensive and unlike other phones I doubt this will drop in price much. Apple tends to keep their prices high for a long time(see iPOD). Other companies are about to offer similar comparable phones to the iPhone so hopefully those will be priced for the average consumer. Another big problem with this phone is going to be battery life. Like with other Smartphones a full charge when using all it's features lasts less than a day. If you actually talk then it's even less. I can't imagine how much battery power is needed to power that display.. And if you are going to play music, watch video, etc I'm thinking while it's a great "show-off" type of device it won't be very practicle to anyone who actually want's to use it.

sloth4urluv4751d ago

Ive yet to understand peoples obsessions with phones.
I use my phone for talking, whats the point of a phone if the battery is dead.

While there at it making cell phones do extra worthless stuff that they dont need to why dont they make cell phones that can open a garage, or turn on my tv, why buy a universal remote when you can just use your cellphone....

Make the cellphone so it turn on your car, and so you can use it as a credit card, so when you drop it or lose it your just totally screwed then.

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The story is too old to be commented.