Warhammer Online Merges Two More Servers

Warhammer Online community manager Andy Belford confirmed today that two of the game's servers, Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne, will be shutting down. The population of these servers will be allowed a free transfer to two other servers each -- Iron Rock or Badlands for Dark Crag, Gorfang or Volkmar for Phoenix Throne. He also mentions that there will be a 20% bonus to experience and renown in the weeks following the transfer, to at least slightly take the sting off the event.

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EpsilonTeam3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Just Let the project die in peace and create something new.


They cant start with a 15 a month charge....New MMos need to be price competitive in order to get fans and make a good game

DirtyLary3276d ago

Ahh spent my time on Dark Crag. For awhile that server was the place to be.

LostCypher113276d ago

played this game for about 2 months, But it was pretty Boring