Gametrailers Needs To Stop

It seems that Gametrailers is getting the users opinion on what game should be the best Xbox 360 game. But they added a game which gets people's attention as to "Why?" they chose Batman: Arkham Asylum to be best "Xbox 360? game of 2009. Since when has Batman: Arkham Asylum been an Xbox 360 exclusive? If they were looking for the best "Xbox 360? game why did they pick this?

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jack who3253d ago

so Gametrailers should stop doing what every last one of you sites on here do every too get ppl to go too your site?

dkblackhawk503253d ago

Not all sites are like this. Our site is non-biased and always states the truth.

Winter47th3253d ago

Maybe 'cause all they had is crap & the only way to cover their lack of titles is a multiplat. Hey, I don't blame'em, it was a sad year for'em all along.

dkblackhawk503253d ago

It still shouldn't matter. If it was a bad year for the Xbox 360, don't go out and find a replacement. Just ain't right, lots of people agree on that.

Noctis Aftermath3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

They have already shown that they are bias, telling them to stop will only make them be less obvious about their biased ways.

These guys can stay biased as long as they want, but i won't be using their site and I'll go play uncharted 2 and it owns whatever xbox "exclusive" they can get their hands on.

dkblackhawk503253d ago

I agree with the first two lines. Uncharted 2 was a great game but you never know what Microsoft has up their sleeves.

socomnick3253d ago

Wow this might take the cake for retarded story of the day. :/

They shouldn't let 10 year olds own websites.

dkblackhawk503253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Would you like a cookie? :P

Zedux3253d ago

hey man 360 owners have a hard time getting good games so just leave them alone with their multi-plat special game hahahah!

TenSteps3253d ago

Not Best Xbox 360 exclusive so having Batman AA in there is valid.

The reason why Best PS3 game has all exclusives because almost all the exclusives for PS3 this year are considered to be great just like Batman AA. I'm not defending them but this is just like 07 when there were some sites giving Best PS3 Game of 2007 to Assassins Creed. I mean AC was multiplatform but how did that get PS3 game of the year it could have gone to FoM but it didn't.

The reason PS3 has all exclusives in the category because I believe everyone understands that those exclusives were great and that they could be considered the best on that system. Xbox had it's own lineup but how many of the Xbox exclusives can one honestly say were better than Batman? A lot of the exclusives from 360 this year can't be argued as better than Batman AA whereas a lot of the PS3 exclusives this year can be used as an argument as better than Batman AA.

Saaking3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

For the last time, the 360 has a TERRIBLE year this game. The best games on it were multiplats therefore they really have no choice. NO ONE can deny this year was a disaster.

Here's a challenge, name 5 good 360 exclusives that came out this year. That's right, you can't.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I like how the PS3 finally gets a few good games, and suddenly the Sony faithful are acting like the PS3 is the best console ever made. lol

Here's a newsflash for you guys: The PS3 is still in last place, and unless a miracle happens, it's gonna stay there.
It simply doesn't have exclusive games that appeal to massive amounts of gamers, unlike the Wii and 360 (think Zelda/Mario and Halo/Gears).

Maybe next gen guys, maybe next gen...

Why o why3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

the ps3 has had more games since its second year. The exclusives game count has gone UP not DOWN like MS's 09 you billy. Dont believe me just list games that are exclusive to the 360 as of today... i dare ya. Its a pity that GT have to use Batman as the 360's best game. It was a great game though. I totally had no faith left in the unreal engine but that game made me stfu and i was glad it did.

@ above again

id rather be in last place and have MORE games to play than have a year like MS's 09 so far into the consoles lifespan....sounds like this must be your first gen of gaming....second MAX. Hope you've got the balls to make comments next year

krisq3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

...hahaha! Here, have a bubble... not!
Reality check. It is the best console ever made. Place doesn't matter. It's even better, keeps Sony constantly on their toes. They will own this holidays and you can't do anything about it, sorry.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3252d ago

@ Why o why

I have been gaming since the 2600.

Let's keep it real: Sony has overpromised and underdelivered with the PS3 since its release. It is only very recently that PS3 owners have been able to come out of the shadows and talk about a few of their exclusives.

Pretending that they have been happy all along is rather sad, and acting smug about a few exclusives is even sadder.

Christopher3252d ago

1. It's a game on the Xbox 360, so there should be no problem with it being considered in the Best Xbox 360 Game category. There's nothing there that says it needs to be an exclusive game, and in fact a multiplatform game winning typically speaks a lot towards the overall quality and ability to utilize the system's specific architecture to its fullest with exclusive titles.

2. Please learn to write. Especially if you're going to write a random blog on your random .info site and then post your own news to

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MajesticBeast3252d ago

Bubbles the ps3 has had good games since 2007. Seriously are you straight up drunk the ps3 doesnt have titles like gears and halo lol no they actually have better games cause we all know sales equal quality so you must love wii sports and wiifit while you play sales ill play games. You cant blame GT for the lack of 360 titles worthy of the list while they couldve added a 5th nominee with demons souls. But l4d2 before Killzone 2 is a joke for goty.

shiftymorgan3252d ago

Why are you jumping on gametrailers list?
It states the best games on the console, of which I agree strongly that batman is on there,

If they made a ps3 list It would probably read uncharted2 then batman would be in there somewhere.
Yes the site may be biased but anyone who has either console couldnt disagree that batman is a worthy contender this year

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