'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Jedi Consular And Sith Inquisitor Revealed

Brian Warmoth of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"We already new that "Star Wars: The Old Republic" would have "sexual tension," but now we have the complete list of playable character classes as well. The Jedi Consular And Sith Inquisitor officially round off the roster of choices players will have when the game goes live."

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Napoleon18533253d ago

This game looks awesome. I follow it closely and I can't wait to play it.

Perjoss3253d ago

I watched the 20 minute dev walkthrough yesterday (on and the whole time the guy does not lose even 10% of his life bar, including a boss fight. I hope they had it on some kind of easy 'show mode' because all I know is I've played WoW since launch and the only thing that made me get bored of it and quit was since they made the game too easy and almost impossible to die.

Not that WoW was hard in the first place, but now it just takes the piss.

Panthers3253d ago

They had something on to make it easy.

Farsendor13253d ago

im with you most of the other mmo games have been disappointing

ceedubya93253d ago

This would be the one I would be the most interested in, followed by DC Universe and Final Fantasy 14 Online. But man, I hate the monthly cost to play these types of games. I just wouldn't be able to put the time into them that would justify the costs.

CryWolf3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Yea I agree with you there the monthly cost to play a MMO suck i wish they would have made Star wars Kotor for the consoles and the PC cause alot more people can get into it.

Panthers3253d ago

This game will probably have very low system requirements. I am sure anyone with a working PC will be able to play this game. It just wouldnt work well on a console.

Panthers3253d ago

So now all of the classes are revealed. Gotta decide what I want to be.

freediro3253d ago

i really want this game to become my main computer game for my new MacBookPro, but i haven't heard anything yet. i don't want to have to go build a rig to play this game!