Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo Connectivity

The final version of the game will be able to detect how much of the demo you've played, and will reward you with an appropriate amount of Yellow Essence. This in-game form of currency can be used to purchase items and power-up your weapons, possibly making your first play-through of the full game a bit easier.

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DrWan4158d ago

good way to get ppl exposure and have the like the game which they do not originally plan to buy. a good marketing strategy.

PS360WII4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Yeah Team Ninja is good at doing stuff like this. They did something similar to this when they released the first DOAX. They took your high score for that character in DOA3 and gave you that amount in money for DOAX. I was happy I hadn't reset any of them before playing... that was lucky of me.

SKUD4158d ago

I got a HUGE amount headed my way. Dig it.

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The story is too old to be commented.