Awfulchievements: The Worst Achievements Ever

GameSpy writes:
"Boosting your gamerscore is like measuring unicorn penises -- it isn't real, and even if it was you really shouldn't brag about having those numbers. Achievements were sent back from a dark future by SKYNET to train us into doing whatever stupid stuff machines tell us to, and it's working so well that SKYNET isn't building Terminators anymore: It knows it can get us to kill ourselves just by promising to go "DING!" when we do it.

A test. Go outside, stop someone, and tell them you'll give them a whole 100 invisible ImagiPoints if they'll spend ten minutes hopping on one leg. See what happens. That's why gamers aren't taken seriously. The following achievements are real and have been achieved by Xbots with far too much time on their hands."

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