Feature: Stranglehold Q&A: Multiplayer a go, Late Summer Release Expected

Midway interview focusing on Stranglehold for the PS3. Along with Multiplayer, Midway has announced today that the limited collector's edition of the PS3 version of Stranglehold will also contain the Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled, the prequel tale of the game's gun-toting main character.

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OC_MurphysLaw4573d ago

the best use of blu ray space I have heard of to date. Nice perk for Sony to throw out there. Now the question is ...will the 360 limited edition have a seperate disk w/ movie? Or just no movie? And ...if no movie...are the prices the same? Hmmm.......

Of course I am assuming the movie is on the same blu ray disc.


I totally agree that this game best use of the Blu-ray capabilities far yet. It has been said before, the movie is EXCLUSIVELY for the PS3 only on a SINGLE Blu-ray disc because of Blu-ray's power(HD-DVD is NOT capable to fit a game and a movie on the same disc.). I think the PS3 version will be far much better because of the Cell Processor comes into work.

This is gonna be awesome. The realism of the PS3 in HD on my 1080p TV is gonna look FANTASTIC!

DreDawgg064573d ago

Yes, its an awesome perk and one that isn't something to praise but something that SHOULD be there. The PS3 being a game machine/blue-ray player costing the consumer $600 bucks its obvious that the purchase needs to be justified as much as possible. So i hope things like this are included in every game. EX: Game based on movie should include movie always.

THE_JUDGE4573d ago

I'm sold on this idea and game. I love the fact that its all in one and in HD. 360 can't touch that!

DixieNormS4573d ago

That my HD Southpark epsisode downloaded from Xbox live looks a little better than most Blu-ray movies. And Southpark is only on 720p. Either way this is a pretty good use of the blu-ray disk. Hopefully they can do this with a lot of upcoming games. But the Limited edition shouldn't be so much more. Free maybe!