Railworks Train Simulator 50% Off writes: "Train aficionados take heed, available on Steam right now is Railworks Train Simulator for half the price it would normally cost you. The game's unusually high price tag - $68.98 for a PC game - is now only $34.49 making actually buying the game much more palatable. Plus, for those of you who really love train simulators, the recently released expansion pack is also half off at a mere $11.99!"

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Zedux3247d ago

there are over 20 dlc packs with the cheapest costing over U$10 each some at U$35 if you want the whole game you will have to pay over 300 bucks its insane!!

poindat3247d ago

It's the same with every simulator. Racing sims, flight sims (especially flight sims), train sims, etc etc etc. all have hundreds of addons.

Nothing to really be surprised about; I know many simmers who have spent thousands on beefing up one particular sim. It is a hobby, after all.

Elwenil3247d ago

I suppose it's much cheaper than building a H.O. scale train layout at home, which can easily get in the the thousands of dollars. I'd be tempted to get this since I really enjoyed the old Railroad Tycoon games but I'm not buying anything that requires that disease of a program called Steam.

deshon093247d ago

me but i love games like this no real challenge but fun as hell

DiffusionE3247d ago

Train simulators are fun? Didn't know that. lol

deshon093247d ago

well i am in school to be a locomotive conductor i guess that why its fun to me

renegade3247d ago

Dont know but Flight Simulator is more fun for me.

Flipflopp3247d ago

I am a Locomotive Engineer for a Class I RR and its fun to do things in a virtual world that could cause me to lose my job or potentially wipe out a city. Derail trains, speeding, etc...

5 days a week for 5 weeks schooling, then another 22 months on the job training for the real thing, or pick this up and have some fun.