'Calling' Box Art Revealed

HellDescent writes: "Hudson's Wii horror title Calling has now been given a box art packshot. For those of you who don't know anything about the title we will give you the run down. The game revolves around a mysterious 'Black Page' website that has nothing but a counter. Lore suggests that the counter is the number of people who have viewed the page and died. Others who see the page and experience traumatic moments in their lives get pulled into a Purgatory. The land between life and death, where they must discover the truth behind the 'Black Page' Calling is looking to be a freaky experience in the same vein as Fatal Frame. Hit the jump for the full packshot and the first trailer."

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Gandalf3248d ago

Judging by the boxart, it looks scarier than Resident Evil 5, yet it's only Teen.

MasterChief36243248d ago

It looks to definitely have potential. This may be the best possible placeholder for Fatal Frame IV that we will be able to get in the States. I wouldn't mind that at all :)

...of course I would still love for Fatal Frame IV to magically appear here, too. But again, this will do just fine.

Shnazzyone3248d ago

awesome!!! For a bit i almost thought this wouldn't see an American release. Now that i see english dialogue and a rating from the esrb it is confirmed for american release as early as spring. Wii lineup continues to get better and better.

Tat vs capcom, galaxy 2, NMH 2, Metroid: Other M, red steel 2, Monster Hunter tri, Crystal bearers and now this. 2010 looking sweet for wii owners.

vimmo3248d ago

This and several other titles like "Darkside", Silent Hill and Red Steel 2 used to be on my day 1 buying list. However, after buying a PS3 slim a month ago and no longer being a Wii-only owner, I'm afraid I now understand why non-nintendo fanboys call the Wii a toy with no 'real' games. They're wrong, but man are they right...

Arsenic133247d ago

The Wii seems to be a big target for Horror games as of late. Weird huh?