Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse Now Available For Free

Originally released for the Xbox in 2005, Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse made news because it was a creative action game from the same minds that originally worked on Halo. In case you missed it back then, GameAgent is currently running a promotion on the downloadable PC version of the game – they're giving it away completely FREE of charge.


It seems like yesterday's promo was too popular. WorthPlaying is reporting that GameAgent raised the price to $5 today.

"UPDATE: It seems the freebie might have been too popular as GameAgent has raised the price to $5."

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Jamescagney3250d ago

Even though this wasn't the best of games I still completed it. It was pretty funny.

no1safe3250d ago

I remember this game was really fun. I hope that many people will take the opportunity to play it for free. Taking control over people with your ripped off arm was hilarious :D

NewYork2143250d ago

How do you download the game. i used the code and they sent me they confirmation email but i dont see any download button. i went to my account and cant find out how to do it.

OtherWhiteMeat3250d ago

I'm stumped.I try to reorder and the site states that the code is invalid.

Syriel3250d ago

After you get the confirmation email with your order number just go back to the site and use your order number and password to look up the order details. It'll have your serial number and download link right there.

strife011043250d ago

How do i make an account with them?

OtherWhiteMeat3250d ago

I wouldn't..........not worth the effort.I signed up and still can't download the game.I'll let you know when (or if )I'm able to get the download link to work.

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