Toshiba unveils HD DVD-RW writer for laptops

Toshiba Qosmio fans have reason to celebrate with the unveiling of Tosh's skinny SD-L912A HD DVD-RW writer for laptops, a world's first to support rewritable HD DVD media. Unfortunately, we're only talking 1x read/write speeds here, or about 2 hours to fill a 30GB dual-layer disc -- but it's a start. The drives is also capable of writing to HD DVD-R DL and all the DVD and CDROM formats you can throw at it. The 12.7-mm thin drive will be shipping in sample quantities to OEMs in July as they spin up to production capacity in the months that follow. That would make it available as an option in the Qosmio G40 sometime near the end of summer.

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gta_cb4783d ago

cool, how much is one for a normall desktop pc?

SuperSaiyan44783d ago

You dont wanna know...

blu-ray for the PC is something like £300...

Marty83704783d ago

Too little,far to late. HD DVD is practically dead already. Blu-ray has a huge lead/support.