First Impressions: Bayonetta (Tag Team Preview)

GrE writes, "For those that have not heard, Bayonetta is the action game that is already tearing up reviews overseas. It is like some sort of legalized crack for the folks in Japan, as they can't seem to get enough of this game. Well, now we get to dip our grubby little hands into the cookie jar to try out the demo. Did I mention this is some form of legal crack?

There are two modes to play this game. Easy has a majority of the combos done by pressing one button. Normal allows more control over all the chaos. Though there might be a learning curve, I HIGHLY recommend playing on normal. Once the combat system has been grasped, the fighting is almost as enjoyable as those special Jamaican brownies mom used to make! I have played the demo through a few times now, and I am still impressed at how simple, yet deeply complex, and satisfying the combat system actually is. This is the first hint at why this game has been so successful overseas..."

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wondroushippo3253d ago

This game turning out to be really good is kind of a shock. Not what I expected.

bgrundman3253d ago

I want this to come out now... Damn you Modern Warfare 2, for scaring all the good releases away!

squif3253d ago

Don't worry... everyone is feeling your pain.

MattyF3253d ago

The Japanese PS3 version is awesome. Some minor load issues aside, the game is still fast and a ton of fun. The game's style is remarkable. I'm interested in the Xbox 360 version just to see the graphical differences and loading differences.

bgrundman3253d ago

Import this and you could be playing it a whole hell of alot sooner on PS3

squif3253d ago

making out my order right now, but I doubt the extra 20 bucks is worth it...

roblef3253d ago

The demo impressed me. Despite the "ooh look a a naked chick" revulsion I usually reserver for overly sexualized female avatars.

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The story is too old to be commented.