Dual Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

GrE writes, "One of the things we firmly believe in around here is that gaming is a subjective experience. No two gamers are going to interpret a gaming experience as complex as a current-gen console game the same way. To that end, we sent Blake Grundman and Jennifer Allen a copy of Modern Warfare 2, one of the most talked about and purchased games of this year, and asked them to both help review it from their own, personal, point of view. With that in mind, please do enjoy another Evil Duel Review...."

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squif3344d ago

The multiplayer alone sells this game.

starven3344d ago

This is hot awesomeness.

squif3344d ago

This was a day one purchase for whatever your console of preference is.

wondroushippo3344d ago

Yeah, definitely. The Infinity Ward name alone should have sold you.

wondroushippo3344d ago

Wow, what a fantastic, in-depth review. I love the multiple perspectives as well.

bgrundman3344d ago

I think it is an interesting new approach that should be explored more.