Early Access to Bayonetta Demo Giveaway

GrE writes, "Yo, you say you want you some Bayonetta Demo? You wish you could play it over the weekend, instead of waiting for Dec 3, when it sells out and is open to ANYONE with a 360? Well, you're in luck, because SEGA came through for GrE readers and got us a block of codes to share with YOU right NOW for this slick new demo from SEGA..."

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wondroushippo3249d ago

OK, this is just cool. Been wanting to see what the fuss with this game is.

LukaX233249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

It's easy, get a PS3. That's very early access.

PS: Stop calling the demo a beta you noobs.

Saaking3249d ago

Got the demo weeks ago. It's even in English.

Gago3249d ago

or you can download the 360 demo from fileplanet and burn to a dvd :|

360 version is superior anyways

squif3249d ago

I need this game, like NOW!

starven3249d ago

I am so stoked for this to hit in Jan.

bgrundman3249d ago

This game looks all different kinds of amazing.

squif3249d ago

Agreed... plus it doesn't hurt that the main character is hot as hell

bgrundman3249d ago

I hear it is already out in Japan, in English. Dare I say this might be import worthy?

Senden3249d ago

Why is there promotions for the beta? Just make a japanese xbl account.. it's been up there for a while now.

execution173249d ago

i've done that and the game is meh at best

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The story is too old to be commented.